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The Daily LITG - 9th September 2019, Goodbye Terry Wiley

The Daily LITG – 9th September 2019, Goodbye Terry Wiley

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. I am writing this at 8am, sat outside the Wyndham Theatre in London's West End. I have been here for around three hours. You can find […]

The Daily LITG – 9th September 2018 – Goodbye Terry

Welcome to the fourth daily Lying In The Gutters. A runaround yesterday's news on the site and what we might expect today. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Here are the five most-read stories from yesterday. Today in comics: Dave Gibbons Apologizes to Comic Readers for Misery Caused by Watchmen's Influence  Valeria […]

Tomorrow Sees The US Release Of My Favourite Comic Book

I have talked about the comic book and its creator many a time. And tomorrow sees the US release of his latest collection of comics, Verity Fair: Custard Creams & Pink Elephants, by Terry Wiley. It's a comic book about a middle aged actress who never had her break, despite a number of fleeting moments […]

Borderline Pressed

The blog for British comic book publisher Borderline Press reads, Borderline Press is a publishing company set up to spotlight new and unseen talent from the UK and across the world. If you have an unfinished comics project, a web comic or a project you feel passionate about and want collected in print; then contact […]

Hannah's Swag! Thought Bubble Edition #TB14

Though it's only the end of the first day of Thought Bubble in Leeds in the UK, I already have some noteworthy swag. There's the exclusive Wytches #2 cover, the limited edition signed Electricomics booklet and badges, two graphic novels from Markosia Press, an introduction for me to Verity Fair with some original artwork Terry […]

Sequential – The Digital Boutique Graphic Novel App Goes Live (UPDATE)

UPDATE: Yes, sorry folks, UK and Ireland only… Sequential, the digital boutique graphic novel app that we covered in depth a few weeks ago, has gone live on Apple iOS devices. Launch titles include From Hell, Nelson, Verity Fair, Bolland Strips, Hugo Tate and more. Many of the titles include extras, including audio tracks. The […]

Kapow 2012: The InComplete Sleaze Castle – The Comic You Must Own

On sale at Kapow this weekend, and coming through Diamond shortly, is the Incomplete Sleaze Castle from Markosia. That's if it gets the numbers it needs. Consider this an appeal to Americans. Oh sure, you think you have Anglophiliac tastes. Your shelves and/or Flash Drives full of Phonogram, Banksy, Misfits, Lucky Soul and The Thick […]

Markosia To Publish My Favourite Comic

I've talked about this comic before. It's been published intermittently over the last twenty years. Creative teams have split over it. Its narrative isn't even in one continuity, spinning off along the way. It's called Sleaze Castle. And it marries strange interdimensional reality hopping with the most mundane elements of modern life. It takes illuminated […]

My Favourite Ongoing Comic Gets Another Issue – Verity Fair #3

After three issues, I think we can definitely call this an ongoing comic. Just one issue a year, that's all. Terry Wiley's Verity Fair is a great example of a comic book steeped in decades-long continuity, coming as it does off Tales From Sleaze Castle, More Tales From Sleaze Castle, Sleaze Castle, Petra Etcetera and […]

Verity Fair #2 Kicks Off Thought Bubble Comic Con

In Leeds right now, they are entering a one day comic con, Thought Bubble, hitting well above its weight with a guest list including John Romita Jr, Becky Cloonan, Tony Harris, Kieron Gillen, Bryan Talbot, Dan Abnett, Doug Braithwaite, Dider Crisse, Ian Churchill, Paul Cornell, Paul Duffield, Adi Granov, Antony Johnston, Barry Kitcon, Jamie McKelvie, […]