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Six Major Raleigh 2019: Semifinals Results

Six Major Raleigh 2019: Saturday Semifinals Results

We’re live in Raleigh, North Carolina with Ubisoft for the Major Six Raleigh to crown a new champion for the year before the long road to Montréal 2020. Here are today’s results from the semifinals involving the four remaining teams in the Rainbow Six Siege tournament. Semifinal Match: Team Secret vs. Team Empire Game one […]


Team Secret has Joined the Fortnite Esport Scene

While Fortnite as an esport is still in the early days, and therefore rather unstructured, DOTA 2‘s Team Secret has decided to put together a team for the game. That team includes a player still in middle school, which was a surprise to Team Secret CEO John Yao. Yao started the team already because he wanted to get […]

Valve Bows Out of DOTA Tournament Because of Drug Testing Requirement

Galaxy Battles was going to be a part of Valve’s new approach to tournaments leading up to The International this year, but the tourney has just lost its official Valve backing thanks to a mandatory drug test. The tournament is scheduled to run from January 15th to the 21st in Ciudad de Victoria, Philippines. “Based […]

One Of The Biggest ‘Dota 2’ Upsets Just Happened At The Kiev Major

You know by now we’re suckers for underdog stories, and while we’re still feeling the proverbial high from the individual effort of watching a guy throw ZeRo out of a Smash Bros. tournament, we may have just found a new candidate for the best team effort. Right now the Kiev Major is happening in the Ukraine, […]