Takeshi Kovacs

Will Yun Lee

"Altered Carbon" Season 2: Netflix Sci-Fi Series Taps Will Yun Lee Return

Will Yun Lee, who played the original Takeshi Kovacs, will return to Altered Carbon for its second season in a recurring role. The Netflix science fiction drama based on the Richard K. Morgan series focuses on Takeshi, who lived hundreds of years through different bodies. Lee's role is under wraps since Anthony Mackie plays the […]

Altered Carbon and more geeky news

Book Review: Altered Carbon is Cyberpunk Meets Film Noir

In less than a week, Netflix will debut its new sci-fi/action series Altered Carbon. Writing up articles about the show got my interest piqued, so I decided to go to the source material, the original novel by Richard K. Morgan, and listen to it. The narration was done by Todd McLaren. The overall premise of […]

Altered Carbon: The Netflix Sci-Fi Adaptation We Needed

We've been talking a lot this year already about the incredible slate of science fiction television coming our way, making 2018 the Chrome Age of television. One of the leaders of this pack hasn't even aired yet, and we can't stop thinking about it. Altered Carbon is a Netflix drama series adapted from the series […]