Microsoft is Working On Prototype Controllers for Tablet and Smartphones

It looks like Microsoft are making more of an effort in developing materials for mobile gaming in the form of new controllers. The news comes from Windows Central, who managed to get their hands on some internal research papers, which you see here. As you can see, the company is in the process of developing different […]

Dungeons And Dragons 5E Gets A Digital Toolbox

If you’re like me when it comes to D&D, you probably ditched the paperwork involved with creating a character a while ago in favor of one of the apps you can get for smartphones. They aren’t official character sheets, but they’ve become a time saver that parses out all the information you need. Because let’s […]

Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 Vs New iPad For Reading Digital Comics

In a new video David Berlanga looks at the merits of reading digital comics on the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 over and above the new retina screen iPads. He starts by comparing print to digital, befoire comparing your digital reading choices around the eight minute mark. During which he makes some very valid points I […]

DeepComix Show Us How Deep The Comic Panel Can Go

I wondered when this would come. I saw this first with The Thrill Electric (still available as a free App). A comic cut into foreground, middle ground and background, animating the distances between them but not affecting the frozen frame of comic, or introducing 1animation. Then I came across The Bane Of Yoto (also available […]

215 Ink To Sell Digital Comics. With A Tablet Thrown In.

A while ago, when faced with a retailer telling me that Marvel were actively trying to recruit print customers to become digital customers.  I joked that if Marvel were actually trying to do that, they’d be giving away tablets. At Baltimore Comic Con in September, 215 Ink will be selling an branded Android 4.0 tablet, […]