Devil’s Due Becomes Threadless’ First Comics Publisher Under Artists Shop Program

I do like a Threadless T-shirt. I have some that have lasted two decades that still look fine. If I could still get into them, that is. “Incentive” T-shirts I call them. Anyway. Well, Devil’s Due Entertainment has become Threadless’ first official comic book publisher under their new Artist Shops program. These will include shirst from […]

What To Wear For DC’s Convergence

Well, we know Blue Beetle is coming back in Convergence. And, courtesy of Futures End, that Booster Gold will no doubt be involved. So why not get the T-shirts to match, courtesy of ThinkGeek? What a lovely story: Booster Gold traveled back in time. His main goal was to exploit his knowledge of the future to […]

A Modest Proposal For An Alternative To Those Sexist DC Comics T-Shirts

A shirt can say an awful lot about you. As identifying markers, there’s little to beat them. They are the equivalent of your own personal thought bubbles placed across your chest. Which is why they can also be such hot topic trigger items. From Ped State shirts to Urban Outfitters’ bloody Kent State shirts, to […]

A Glowing Transform-Her

After launching a Marvel line ahead of San Diego Comic Con, the she-geek specialists Her Universe have just unveiled a line of Transformers-based clothing, with at its centrepiece another glow in the dark design…  

Grant Gould Art Stolen For T-Shirt, Company Uses “Didn’t Know It Was Yours” Defense

Artist Grant Gould has shared a little story about a company taking his art without permission and selling t-shirts with it. It all started like this: Ugh. Art stealers. http://etchgear.com/products/bsg-galactica-top-gun I just emailed these guys and asked them to stop. They’re selling t-shirts with my 2007 BSG ‘Top Gun Skull’ artwork. Never asked me permission. (They didn’t […]

The Neil Gaiman Threadless T-Shirts Now On Sale

They premiered at San Diego Comic Con at the CBLDF booth, and now they are all on sale. The Day The Flying Saucers came by Neil Gaiman, adapted for four sequential T-shirts by Estudio Verso , Ben Templesmith, Brandon Graham and John Cassaday, the first of which will give 35% to the CBLDF… here’s a […]

Comic Book Masterclasses This Weekend In London At Uniqlo

British comics artist Lee Garbett, of Judge Dredd, Batman and Spider-Man fame, has been drafted by Uniqlo and Disney to teach budding young artists the tricks of his trade. On Saturday he’ll be at the Uniqlo branch on Oxford Street in London, and on Sunday the Uniqlo at Westfield Stratford City, from 2pm teaching comic […]

Fifty-Two Marvel And DC T-Shirts For Stoners

Junk Food have a bunch of retro-styled superhero T-shirts, whether that being retro from the sixties or the ninetiies. Pre-faded, oddly juxtaposed images and sentences, here are our top five… 1. The Stoner T-Shirt of choice. Because nothing looks cooler than passing a toke while wearing such irony upon one’s chest. Extra points if you […]

What The Best Dressed San Diegans Will Be Wearing This Comic Con

Just arrived in the post. Waiting for me when I came back from the comic shop. That’s good service. I’ll have a couple of spare for San Diegoi for anyone with 3G access who fancies helping with some panel reportage for Bleeding Cool. I can’t be everywhere…

Stussy X Marvel Makes For T-Shirts Team Up

Two new lines of Stussy tees are to be adorned with Marvel characters, and for the second wave in particular, they’ve recruited an astonishing, and unexpected line-up of artists. Here’s the teaser image for the first wave, launching on April 27th: So we’ll be getting Captain America, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Silver […]

Five Free Threadless T-Shirts (Plus Postage)

I love Threadless T-shirts, Excellent designs that last for years, but when you have outgrown them, mentally or physically, you can sell them on eBay and make your money back. Basically you get free T-shirts for five years. Well, I’m hoping to spread that feeling. Threadless is having a space-themes sale called T-Thousand $10, A […]

Bloomingdale’s Loves DC Comics, Coast To Coast

Bloomingdale’s have signed a deal with DC Comics to market and sell a line of DC Comics superhero-inspired clothing. As part of DC’s 75th Anniversary Celebrations, everything from cuff links to T-shirts will be available, aimed at the  “holiday” market. The line has been designed by  Converse, Psycho Bunny, Jack Spade and more.  And in […]