Could Improbable's SpatialOS Change the Indie Games Market?

Indie games are all over the place these days, but one of the major design hurdles for indies is the ability to support large multiplayer environments. So in comes Improbable and their SpatialOS SDK. SpatialOS is a cloud based, multi-platform game hosting tool that eschews the traditional server structure. To boil things down to an […]

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – From X-Files To Sandman And Uber

Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show returns to Bleeding Cool, recorded at the one and only Astro-Zombies Comic Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, hosted by Maxx MacLennan. They say: Get ready for more comics than you know what to do with in Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show episode 12… new comic book releases for […]

Everyone Pointing The Finger in Ultimate Comics' Survive Preview

So, someone is dead, Spoilers for Ultimate Cataclysm, obviously. And in the Survive oneshot by Brian Bendis and Joe Quinones, everyone is pointing the finger. First there's Tony Stark.Then there's SHIELD… Well, someone's going to blamed. They seem to have to have got the shield back off Storm though.

Mystery Marvel Ultimate Comics For February?

Last year, the Marvel Ultimate titles were all cancelled, replaced by individual Cataclysm mini-series, which come to a conclusion in February. And then… nothing? Aside from something called Survive in March. And we're all wondering what April will bring. Unless it's something February will bring. Because the Marvel site has two listings, one for Ultimate […]