Survival Sunday: The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead

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Vampire State Building Variant Homages The Walking Dead

The new English-adaptation-in-print version of Vampire State Building by Ange-Renault and Charlie Adlard is coming out shortly from Ablaze Comics. Each issue features its own homage cover to a famous comic book. But there’s one notable comic book that hasn’t been homaged yet. Which may be because the NYCollectorCave has commissioned its own retailer exclusive […]

Watch The Walking Dead Finale, Fear the Walking Dead Premiere in Theaters on April 15

After seasons of jokes, teases, and straight denials (mostly on creator Robert Kirkman‘s part), the worlds of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are finally set to collide on Sunday, April 15th, with AMC wrapping up The Walking Dead‘s eighth season the same night it premieres Fear the Walking Dead‘s eagerly anticipated season […]