Super Famicom

Someone Made a Fan Translation of Super Robot Wars EX

Good news for those of you who are into the Super Famicom game Super Robot Wars EX, as a fan translation has been made for the game. Technically, it isn't an official translation, but a fan version as someone painstakingly went through the game and got all the kanji down so that you could play the […]

Nintendo Is Also Releasing A Classic Mini: Super Famicom In Japan

When the Super NES Classic Edition was announced, you had to know that a version of the Super Famicom was on the way. Details were released in Japan shortly after the other system that the Classic Mini: Super Famicom would be coming on October 5. Here's a picture of the much more cute box their […]

The Super Famicom Is Getting An Old Title Made New Again

Back in the mid-'90s when the Super Famicom was riding high in Japan, it had a system called Satellaview, which was a physical add-on that attached to the base of the system and connected to the internet to broadcast live games, manga, the first experiments in downloadable content and more through a subscription service. We didn't […]

Lauren Looks Back: The Super Nintendo

1991 was a magical year. Batman Returns was in theaters, cartoons were still good and whatever the hell else was going on in 1991. I don't really remember, I was only 6. But in 1991, Nintendo gave the world one of the greatest systems ever; The Super Nintendo. In Japan popularity for the original Famicom […]