‘Suits’ Final Season Premiere, ‘Pearson’ Series Premiere Set for July 17th

After nine seasons on the air that makes it the longest-running original scripted series on the network, USA Network announced that the 10-episode final season of legal drama Suits will premiere July 17 – the same day that spinoff series Pearson starring Gina Torres is set to premiere. Suits suits up for a final season […]

Suits: It’s “Case Closed” for Long-Running USA Legal Drama with Season 9

After eight season on the air – and now an upcoming ninth season during Summer 2019 that will make it the longest-running original scripted series on the network – USA Network announced legal drama Suits would end with an upcoming 10-episode ninth season. Created by Aaron Korsh and debuting in 2011, the show would become […]

Arrr, Shiver Me Torrents! The Walking Dead, The Flash Most Pirated 2018 Shows

For the producers, creators, actors, and networks connected to the the shows on TorrentFreak‘s 2018 list of most-pirtated shows, there’s a lot of “glass-half-fill/glass-empty” ways to look at this year-end “honor.” On the plus side, it shows that there’s still a rabid interest in your series – in some instances, even after several seasons. On […]

USA Releases Key Art for Suits Season 8, Now with Katherine Heigl

I remember watching the pilot episode of Suits and really liking it. The character interaction was fun and the premise of the big lie swinging over the heads like the Sword of Damocles made it pretty unique. This was the original synopsis for the series: In need of an associate, big-time Manhattan corporate lawyer Harvey Specter […]

Gina Torres

Gina Torres-Led ‘Suits’ Spinoff Series Gets a Title

Suits has been in the news a lot lately, mainly for the fact that original cast member Meghan Markle is leaving at the end of the season to join the British Royal Family. But she’s not the only member of the original cast making news as Gina Torres is returning to the series long enough […]

Amanda Schull

Suits Promotes Amanda Schull to Series Regular for Season 8

Suits may be losing Meghan Markle and Gina Torres, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be powerful women in the cast. Along with adding Katherine Heigl, the series is promoting recurring actress Amanda Schull to a series regular for season 8. Schull plays Katrina Bennett, a junior partner in the law firm of Pearson Specter […]

Gina Torres

Gina Torres-Led ‘Suits’ Spinoff Gets Series Pickup

While most of the news surrounding the USA Network legal drama Suits has revolved around the departure of actress Meghan Markle to marry Britain’s Prince Harry, the show is in the news today for a different reason. The planned spinoff led by longtime series regular Gina Torres has been given a series pickup by the […]

Suits season 8

Suits Renewed for Season 8: Adams and Markle are Out, Heigl is In

The USA Network’s legal drama Suits has been in the news a lot of late because of actress Meghan Markle and her recent engagement to England’s Prince Harry. Yesterday came word that the series would be returning for an eighth season, but Markle and Patrick J. Adams would not be returning. It was no surprise […]

How An Old Photo Led Suits Star Patrick J. Adams To Leave Social Media

At this time last year, fans of the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow were eagerly awaiting the shows return because at the end of season 1, Patrick J. Adams appeared in the last two minutes dressed as Rex Tyler aka Hourman and told us the Justice Society was going to be part of season 2. It […]


Gina Torres To Lead Potential ‘Suits’ Spinoff Series

Gina Torres, whom many fans still think of from Firefly, will be the lead in a potential spinoff series from the USA Network series Suits. The seventh season finale of the Gabriel Macht/Patrick J. Adams lead series will serve as a backdoor pilot. The show is said to focus on Torres’ character Jessica Pearson as […]

Will Suits Limit Patrick J. Adams Time On The Waverider?

One of the questions we’ve been hearing since Patrick J. Adams appeared as Rex Tyler at the end of Legends of Tomorrow’s season finale is how much will we see him in the series? Part of that may come down to the actor’s availability… and with USA network renewing Suits for a seventh season, it […]

Suits’ Patrick J. Adams To Play “Beloved” DC Character On Legends of Tomorrow

Entertainment Weekly reports Suits vet Patrick J. Adams will play the “beloved” DC Comics character slated to appear in the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow. Last week, word broke that the mysterious character will appear in the finale and set the team off on their season two adventure. The obvious answer would be Booster […]

Why Is Marvel Putting Everyone In Suits?

I blame Robert Downey Jr. He just looks so good in a suit. But of late it seems that Marvel has been saying goodbye to the traditional superhero costume in favour of a good looking suit. Peter Parker… Doctor Doom… Moon Knight… Daredevil… Sunspot… Will they, Roberto? Will they? The Suit Event Horizon is upon us… […]