Netflix, ’13 Reasons Why’ Cast Still Renegotiating Contracts for Season 3

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said during a recent annual shareholder meeting, “It (13 Reasons Why) is controversial. But nobody has to watch it.” Now comes word that there’s one reason why fans of the popular drama series might not get “to watch it” – and it has nothing to do with controversy. With the first season 3 table […]

David Baddiel On Superheroes, Suicide And Being A Man

On the way back from Local Comic Shop Day in London today, I popped with the kids to the South Bank, our favourite stomping ground in London. Great playgrounds, superb street food and the Thames views. There’s also the South Bank Centre, which we popped in when it was just a little too cold, and […]

Greg Pak Just Killed Off Regan From All-Star Superman

Do you remember Regan from All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely? Her name was scattered through the book… Lots of people have written about this scene. Lots of people. In this week’s Batman/Superman, three people are assassinated. One of whom, next issue we will discover is Glory Miau, a pop star originally known […]

Grace Randolph On Batwoman And Harley Quinn – DC’s Sex Scandals Reviewed

[youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph writes; DC Comics finds itself once again in a scandal with its female characters! I share my thoughts on Batwoman being denied the right to marry Maggie Sawyer in what would be comics first high profile lesbian wedding, as well as the contest for the new Harley Quinn solo titles that asks […]

Suicide For Austere Times – Welcome To #WealthFair

This has nothing to do with comics. I’m running it anyway because a) I think it’s great, b) a suggestion I made to the author found it’s way into one of the pages and c) I can post things on Bleeding Cool and no one can stop me. From our favourite ex-Sky News deputy editor-turned-hacktivist […]

What Exactly… Does John Byrne… Mean?

John Byrne was posting about years and Roman Numerals today. On the John Byrne Message Board, he wrote; “Even as far back as 1972 — MCMLXXII — I had been giving serious consideration to making my planned and (hopefully) gracious exit when I was in my 66th year — MMXV — but I’m lately rather […]

Report Says Violent Suicide In The Movies Has Tripled 1950-2006, But…

An analysis of 855 movies from between 1950 and 2006 has suggested that frequency of portrayals of violent suicide have tripled in that period. At the same time, the rate of teen suicide has also tripled. And what’s more, researchers of the Annenberg Public Policy Center are claiming that the violent suicide falls on the […]

Wolverine: “It Gets Better”

One year ago, in the wake of a number of gay teen suicides, Dan Savage created a video with the aim to tell those being harassed and seeing no way out that “it gets better”. It became a meme with over ten thousand videos echoeing Savage’s initial appeal from everyone from Barack Obama to Colin […]

Teen Gay Suicide And The X-Men

On July the 20th, Marvel will be publishing a very special comic. Uncanny X-Men writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, creators of the comic Phonogram, are reuniting to tell a story about teenage gay suicide in the X-Men comic, Generation Hope #9. Based on recent prominent news stories, and  public awareness campaigns, Kieron Gillen […]

WARNING! Peanuts Without The Punchline WARNING!

How depressed are you feeling right now? If you are feeling slightly down or worse, stop reading. Or lock the gun, poison and nooses away. Because this is going to get bad. Now. We are familiar with Garfield Minus Garfield, a strip about a man taking to him imaginary cat. Now comes Peanuts Without The […]