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Valve Apologizes To Capcom And "Street Fighter V" For Trailer Leak

“Street Fighter V” Will Be Getting New Content In November

Those of us who thought Capcom might be done making content for Street Fighter V after the latest character pack look to be gravely mistaken. According to a story from Event Hubs, producer Yoshinori Ono revealed at an event in Brazil that there would be new content and characters. And that the reveal of this […]

Ryu is Hadouken Ready in New Prime 1 Studios Statue

Ryu is Hadouken Ready in New “Street Fighter” Prime 1 Studio Statue

Ryu is one of the ever-popular characters from the Street Fighter franchise. This classic fighting game has reached lengths or multiple series, a cartoon series, tournaments, and even a movie. Prime 1 Studio is molding the iconic Ryu in all his glory in their newest statue. The Street Fighter Statue does come in two different […]

Valve Apologizes To Capcom And "Street Fighter V" For Trailer Leak

Valve Apologizes To Capcom And “Street Fighter V” For Trailer Leak

While many of us were excited to see three new characters be added to Street Fighter V this week, Valve was apologizing for messing it up. While we and others have been giving praise to Capcom for the early reveal before EVO 2019, turns out it was Valve who leaked the info early on their […]

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“Street Fighter V” Reveals Three New Characters Coming On August 4th

Capcom has announced three new characters will be coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on the last day of EVO 2019. Two of whom people will be stoked to see and a third that falls right in line with Capcom’s crossover tendencies. First off, the Street Fighter II roster is finally complete as they […]

Capcom Will Offer “Street Fighter V” Characters For A Timed Event

It appears Capcom has decided to celebrate EVO 2019 in a special way by offering some free content in Street Fighter V for a limited time. In a rare move by the developers, they will be offering Street Fighter V free for a short period of time on PC and PS4 where you can experience […]

Don’t Expect To See “Street Fighter VI” At EVO 2019

There’s a lot of buzz and rumor around what we might see during EVO 2019 this year, but fans should probably cross Street Fighter VI off their list. While we haven’t talked about it much on our own site, social media and other fighting websites have been speculating that Capcom may be doing a big […]

SDCC: 85+ Photos From the Kotobukiya Booth

SDCC: 85+ Photos From the Kotobukiya Booth

This is an interesting time for Kotobukiya. After some behind the scenes turnover, it feels like they have finally begun to pump out some new product. For new licenses as well, as properties like G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, and tons of new horror properties become available in their lines. They have also upped their […]

Capcom Bans a Hit-Box Controller at Combo Breaker Tournament

Capcom Bans a Hit-Box Controller at Combo Breaker Tournament

Capcom may have just set a new president when it comes to Street Fighter V esports as they ban a Hit-Box Controller at Combo Breaker. For years people have been of two minds when it comes to these customized controllers that people bring to tournaments, going all the way back to the first few years […]

Chun Li Gets Her Own Shoe With Street Fighter & Onitsuka Tiger Crossover

It looks like more shoe companies are embracing making special video game versions as we now have a Street Fighter crossover with Onitsuka Tiger. The Japanese Capcom website made the announcement this week, showing off two different designs of sneakers based on the character, one having a white design with blue and yellow highlights, the […]

Street Fighter V Will Be Free-To-Play From April 23rd Until May 5th

Capcom has decided to make a special offer to fighting game fans this week as they will make Street Fighter V free-to-play for the next two weeks. The company sent out a blog post last week letting players know that starting on April 23rd and running until May 5th, you can download a special free […]

Making a Hadouken in Street Fighter Exceed at PAX East 2019

Making a Hadouken in Street Fighter Exceed at PAX East 2019

A game that came up on our PAX East radar a bit on accident was a card game called Street Fighter Exceed from Level 99 Games. The company sent out info saying to “Come play Tycho’s favorite game”, as in Tycho Brahe, aka Penny Arcade co-founder Jerry Holkins. If they’re saying Jerry loves it, you […]

Capcom Promotes the Field Of Fate Coming to Street Fighter V

Capcom is promoting a new stage being added to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as they’ll be bringing in the Field of Fate from the animated movie. The company released a brand new promo video showing off the level from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. If you’ve never seen the scene, you can check […]

Street Fighter V on Steam Drops DirectInput and Direct PS4 Controller Support

Those of you who have been playing Street Fighter V on Steam may need to seek new ways of using a controller on the platform after Wednesday. The latest update to the game, Version 4.021, which will go into effect on February 27th, will eliminate support for DirectInput and Direct PS4 controllers. What this basically means is […]

Street Fighter V Characters Are Coming to Puzzle & Dragons

GungHo Online Entertainment has announced today that Puzzle & Dragons will be seeing some Capcom faces added to the mix with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Starting on March 3rd you’ll be seeing three new dungeons and a slew of new characters from the iconic fighting game added to the system, which we have listed below, as […]

New York Toy Fair: 80+ Pics From the Funko Booth!

Funko revealed a lot of stuff ahead of New York Toy Fair yesterday, for over 12 hours. It was pretty insane. They have much of it on display in their booth on the floor of Toy Fair this morning, and Funko Funaics were in full force to see all of the new items in person. […]

New Wave Toys Announces a Mini Street Fighter II Arcade Cabinet

New Wave Toys announced a brand new mini arcade cabinet, this one containing the Capcom classic fighting game Street Fighter II. One of the most iconic arcade titles from the ’90s in all of its glory, shrunk down to 12″ and, with a bit of a twist, comes installed with Street Fighter II: Championship Edition X. […]

Capcom Announces North American Esports Street Fighter League

Capcom has announced a brand new North American esports league today for one of their properties as we will be seeing the Street Fighter League launch this Spring. This new league will feature 3-on-3 team battles in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, with six teams formed from a mix of vets, newbies, and players that are […]

Capcom Moving Away From Street Fighter V Season Passes

You may have noticed that when Capcom put out their latest Street Fighter V character into the roster, you didn’t have an option to purchase a new season pass. A number of people caught onto the fact that there was no promotion for another season’s worth of characters to be purchased all at once, and […]