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Check Out Grace Liu's Storyboards For The Guardians Of The Galaxy Animated Series

Marvel storyboard artist Grace Liu has gifted her Twitter followers with a blast from the recent past: her first storyboard art for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy animated show. You've seen the cartoons! Now see mostly black and white drawings that preceded the cartoons! Try to contain your excitement while you watch these videos: my […]

Sean Chen's Storyboards For The Avengers Mini-Coke Superbowl Ad

Sean Chen writes, A few months ago my agent wrangled a storyboarding job from the ad agency Weiden and Kennedy.  It was a Mini Coke ad that featured The Hulk and Ant-man.  They were looking for an ad artist that had some actual comic book experience to render a few key moments in a commercial […]

Camera One To Return Dune Production Artwork To The Estate Of Moebius

As well as his many personal credits, Jean-Marc Lofficier worked with Moebius – Jean Giraud – extensively over their lives, including translating many of his works into English. Which is why it seems so fitting that he should choose to translate and analyse a French legal decision regarding the estate of Jean Giraud and a French […]

Two Sets Of Storyboards For Doctor Who: Into The Dalek

First, the Spike Milliganish storyboards from Doctor Who: Into The Dalek director Ben Wheatley. And in comparison, the more polished storyboards of James Iles. Including how the Dalek antibodies were oruginally supposed to look and act….

Animated Storyboards From The Avengers Show Plans For Massive Destruction

Story artist Jane Wu has posted a video to her site of an animatic made during the development of The Avengers. I can't embed it (I'm in a foreign country using odd technology – literally) but maybe Rich will work out how and update this story. Or at least do some screen grabs of his […]

Jamie Hewlett's Storyboards For His New Gorillaz Video, Do Ya Thing

The Gorillaz nuts* at MadandTheWicked have cut together a good number of Jamie Hewlett's storyboards for the upcoming Do Ya Thing video. As much as possible, they've timed them to the song – or what we have of it, so far. There's some guess work involved, but also a lot of hard work. All in […]

Captain America Storyboards Show How Thor Continuity Ties In

Martin Ashbury is an illustrator, cartoonist, comic creator and storyboard artist. Including, it seems, on the new Captain America: The First Avenger movie. And he's put some of his work online… which also gives us a glimpse as to how the movie will tie in with continuity seen recently in Thor. Spoiler goggles on.