Steve Skroce

Canada Claims USA’s Most Precious Icon In We Stand On Guard

Today sees the launch of We Stand On Guard. It takes place in the aftermath of a missile strike on Canada by the USA, and for those of a sensitive American disposition, we ask that you move on. This image may include imagery and ideas that some may find rather offensive. First an encounter, a century […]

Brian K Vaughan And Steve Skroce’s We Stand On Guard, Announced At Image Expo

Because writing Saga isn’t enough for some people. Brian K Vaughan has just announced a new series, We Stand On Guard with the bigtime Steve Skroce, set 100 years in future, with heroic Canadian bad ass civilians fighting off the US, invading with giant robots. Steve Skroce is Candaian, everyone. Get the details on the full […]

What’s Up Doc? – Steve Skroce Talks Doc Frankenstein

Doc Frankenstein, a series by the minds behind the Matrix and the upcoming Jupiter Ascending films. The sporadically released series was thought of by Geof Darrow but pulled together by the Wachowskis and artist Steve Skroce. Skroce started in comics with Clive Barker’s Ecto-Kid and has worked for Marvel Comics while story-boarding for the film […]

Pop Culture Hounding Steve Skroce On Doc Frankenstein And Coming Back To Comics

By Chris Thompson [audio:] After last week’s catch-up with Jeremy Holt & Tim Daniel (which you can still listen to here), this time around I’m very pleased to welcome aboard the amazing Steve Skroce, whose series Doc Frankenstein will see its long-awaited conclusion from Burlyman Entertainment this summer. Steve and I discuss how it feels […]