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That Tony, Steve "Do You Trust Me" Scene May NOT be in 'Avengers: Endgame'

That Tony, Steve “Do You Trust Me” Scene May NOT be in ‘Avengers: Endgame’

We do appreciate when films and studios chose to cut trailers with footage that maybe we’re not going to see in the resulting picture. Case in point, the most recent 1-minute trailer released for Avengers: Endgame that was released to coincide with ticket sales launching for the 22nd Marvel Studios live-action film. There is a particular […]

John Cena Wants to be Next Captain America

WWE wrestler-turned-actor John Cena hopes to win the hearts and minds of Marvel fans the way Chris Evans as Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe by offering to be his successor to the role. While Evans took to social media to announce his “retirement” from playing Steve Rogers and directors and the Russos providing […]

Captain America #3 cover by Alex Ross

Captain America #3 Review: A Solid Story Low on Personality

Sharon Carter is on a mysterious ride with men claiming to work for Thunderbolt Ross. Things take a turn when she discovers the truth. Meanwhile, Captain America investigates the town where the Nuke soldiers are being created. It was a once-impoverished town revitalized by Hydra, and Zeke Stane is now creating a Nuke army in […]

Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross

Captain America #2 Review: The Mind of the Legend

Captain America reflects on the day he received the Super Soldier Serum as he continues his crusade against the brigade of Nukes that are spreading chaos across the United States. After putting down another attack, Thunderbolt Ross arrives to tell the Captain to stand down. Steve refuses, and Ross begins making veiled threats. Later, Steve […]

Hot Toys Concept Art Captain America 21

Captain America MCU 10th Anniversary Concept Art Figure from Hot Toys

Captain America is getting a special Hot Toys release to help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MCU. This will be a convention exclusive, featuring Steve in garb from concept art from Captain America: Civil War. He will come with two shields — the regular circular one and the heater shield. Both are black and […]

Captain America #1 cover by Alex Ross

Captain America #1 Review: Promising New Chapter for the Legend

A prisoner is broken out of a Hydra transport in Russia, and the ensuing fight leaves none of the Hydra agents alive. Back in the States, an armed terrorist group modeled after Nuke attacks in Washington D.C. Captain America and the Winter Soldier answer this threat, saving as many lives as they can. However, even […]

Captain America #703 cover by Michael Cho

Captain America #703 Review: The Story Comes Into its Own

Jack Rogers has unintentionally reawakened the Red Skull, and, even worse, Schmidt has the power of a Cosmic Cube running through his veins. Jack is no fighter, so he does what he can. Jack tells the Skull of the Kree incursion into Earth governments, and the two spread the word of the Kree conspiracy with […]

Captain America #702 cover by Michael Cho

Captain America #702 Review: The Story Improves on the Previous Issue

Jack Rogers is now on the run from his government, and he goes to a safehouse known as the Way Back. It is a hideout for historians where all talk from the outside world is kept out. There, a strange man called Old Vic points Jack in the direction of a possible solution beneath New […]

Captain America #701 cover by Michael Cho

Captain America #701 Review: A Long Walk for a Small Drink of Water

We receive a World War II flashback wherein Captain America and Bucky stop the Nazis from stealing the Super Soldier Serum. Afterwards, we are “in the present” of this story, which is a future where the world has become a paradise. The world is free, equal, and at peace. The Super Soldier Serum has been […]

Avengers #1 cover by Ed McGuinness

Avengers #1 Review: A Return to Form for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes

In the past, a group made up of Odin, Lady Phoenix, Ghost Rider, the Black Panther, the Starbrand, Agamatto, and the Iron Fist went to war with the First Celestial Host. Today, Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, and Thor Odinson meet up after a year of terrible events and personal woes. One question hovers around all […]

Real Talk- Is Chris Evans Coming Back After ‘Avengers 4’?

Chris Evans has let it be known that his true dream job is directing.  He loves being Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, don’t get him wrong, but he really wants to do more behind the camera. We’ve known for awhile that his contract with Marvel Studios is up after next year’s Avengers: 4, the direct […]

Captain America Gets His Infinity War Hot Toys Release

Captain America is the newest revealed Hot Toys release from Infinity War. The 1/6 scale figure will feature his new vibranium Wakanda shields, a detailed likeness of Chris Evans, interchangeable hands, and a “mystery weapon” they are keeping secret until after the film releases. Wonder what that is? The costume has insane levels of detail, […]

Captain America #700 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #700 Review: The Landmark Issue Captain America Deserves

Captain America was made the leader of New America, and the role of leadership over a nation has proven among the most challenging for Steve Rogers. Other countries try to take advantage of the turmoil, and there are remnants of Rampart still fighting in pockets. Bruce Banner and Liang have a potential solution for the […]

Captain America #699 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #699 Review: Swift Pacing and Classic Cap Feels

Captain America, Liang, and their soldiers have challenged the rule of King Baby’s America, and Cap quickly encounters and old friend and ally: The Incredible Hulk. He has been taken over by King Babbington. Elsewhere, the Things slaves away to keep power on in Babbington’s tower. No, the Hulk and the Thing don’t get to […]

Captain America #698 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #698 Review: Fighting For America Once More

Captain America wakes up in an unknown place and time. He quickly discovers that this place has been ravaged and the people who thawed him are a small group of survivors trying to survive in what little remains of the world run by a despotic regime made up of the very rich. This is America, […]

Captain America #697 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #697 Review: Cap Body Slams a Leopard in it

Captain America is kidnapped by Kraven the Hunter for a superhero-themed recreation of Richard Connell’s The Most Dangerous Game. To motivate the Captain to participate, Kraven has also kidnapped a hapless civilian for Steve to save. The setup is simple: make it to the end and survive. Falter and Captain America and the man die. […]

marvel comics Captain America #696 cover by Chris Samnee and Matthew Wilson

Captain America #696: Like Coming Home Again

Captain America arrives in a small North-Georgia town (state represent!) called Sauga River for a bite to eat. He’s immediately recognized, even outside of the costume. The whole town is set alight be the presence of the Sentinel of Liberty, which signals to the new Swordsman that he needs to make his move sooner than […]

Marvel Legacy Captain America #695 Review: What Does Captain America Mean Now?

After the events of Secret Empire, Steve Rogers, aka the original Captain America, is travelling cross-country to rediscover himself and the land he protects. He returns to a town called Burlington in Nebraska. He protected them from an attack by a white supremacist group called Rampart. Now the town is no called “Captain America” and […]