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Munchkin Gets the Tabeltop Treatment with New Kickstarter Campaign

Munchkin, the perennial card-based fantasy adventure game, is leveling up with a brand-new tabletop game from CMON, and is currently funding on Kickstarter! Steve Jackson Games unleashed Munchkin onto the gaming world in 2001, and the wildly popular card game has spawned multiple expansion, including Munchkin: Cthulhu, Munchkin: Rick and Morty, and Star Munchkin. This […]


Review: Auroch Digital's OGRE is Almost Too Faithful to the Original

Making digital versions of tabletop games is hard, and no game proves that more than Auroch Digital's OGRE. While the digital edition of the game is pretty spot-on faithful adaptation of the tabletop game, that actually makes it a pretty terrible video game. The things that make OGRE great on tabletop don't translate well to digital. The […]

Munchkin Is Getting A Digital Adaptation By Asmodee Digital

Asmodee Digital, who have very quickly made themselves leader in digital board game entertainment announced today that they're partering up with Steve Jackson Games to adapt multi-million selling dungeon adventure card game Munchkin onto digital platforms.  While the reimagined Munchkin will be giving us an old favorite in a new format, the agreement is under license, so […]

Steve Jackson Games Announces Munchkin Exclusives

By Christopher Helton Leading into next week's Gen Con. Steve Jackson Games have announced an exclusive partnering with Target for Munchkin Oz. Combining the whimsy of Baum's classic creations with the backstabbing zaniness of Munchkin is sure to create another classic  Munchkin game for gamers of all ages. Munchkin Oz will be available in stores, and on the Target website in early August. […]

Now You Can Roleplay A Martian In GURPS: Mars Attacks

  Want to recreate your favorite scenes from the Mars Attacks movie or trading cards in your tabletop roleplaying game campaigns? Look no further than the upcoming GURPS: Mars Attacks supplement coming from Steve Jackson Games and Topps. Building on the success of Mars Attacks: The Dice Game, and the upcoming Mars Attacks: Ten-Minute Takedown dexterity game, brings the worlds of Mars […]

Rounding Up Steve Jackson Games Announcements: Hellboy, Car Wars, Munchkin

By Christopher Helton With the GAMA Trade Show going on in Las Vegas, the announcements are flying fast and furious for tabletop gaming. Here at Bleeding Cool  we are going to sort through all of the releases and teases, and even through in some speculation. GAMA is the Game Manufacturer's Association, a tabletop gaming trade group […]

In The Future There Will Be Car Wars And Kickstarters

By Christopher Helton Car Wars. That's a name that instills hope and loyalty among tabletop gamers. I spoke briefly last year, during my Gen Con coverage, about Steve Jackson Games rerelease of Cars Wars Classic. A classic war/board game, Car Wars is about heavily armed and armored cars fighting, either in arenas or on the roads of a future […]

Is Boom! Box's Munchkin Comic Just For Gamers?

By Christopher Helton Munchkin from Steve Jackson Games is sort of like the tabletop gaming equivalent of Lady Sovereign. You either love the game, or you hate it. Starting out as a teasing satire, making fun of a certain type of player in tabletop RPGs, Munchkin has grown into a phenomena all its own. Now, […]

That Munchkin #1 Card That Everyone Will Be Fighting Over

Well, here it is folk. What all the fuss is over. Last night all cover price advance order copies of Munchkin #1 from Boom! Studios were hoovered up on eBay, with $9.99 now the cheapest price for a copy. And that won't last long either I'm thinking. And all because of an exclusive Munchkin game […]

There Will Be Lines For Munchkin #1 In Comic Stores On Wednesday

Tomorrow sees the launch of Munchkin #1 from Boom! Studoos. based on the card game of the same name from Steve Jackson Games. It has already sold out from Diamond Comic Distributors and gone to second print. But there should be copies in most comic stores tomorrow. If you get there first. Advance sales are […]

Halloween Gaming Finds – The Mars Attacks Dice Game

By Christopher Helton During the month of October, the minds of gamers tend to turn to thoughts of more scary games than they would normally play. Whether they turn to games of horror, conspiracy or general weirdness for a Halloween gaming fix, gamers look for new and different experiences. Sometimes they turn to classics like […]

Gaming At NYCC – Steve Jackson Games And Rare Elements

Jon Johnson writes for Bleeding Cool: The New York Comic Con has gained notoriety as an East Coast genre and media powerhouse in a relatively short period of time, rivaling that of its well-known West Coast cousin, the San Diego Comic-Con (don't forget the hyphen, it's trademarked). Since its inception, the convention has been host […]

Bleeding Gen Con Day Two – Awards And New Game Discoveries

By Christopher Helton The second day of Gen Con was a busy one, busier than the previous day. More people were milling about the convention center. The crowds were very diverse, which is a good thing, with more women and people of color attending panels, playing in events and wandering about in costume. It was […]

BOOM! Studios Adapts Steve Jackson Games' Munchkin To Monthly Comic

By Christopher Helton It started with a tweet coming out of the Origins Game Fair this past weekend: WE'RE EXCITED!! RT @philipjreed: Munchkin comic books coming from @boomstudios and @SJGames !!! — BOOM! Studios (@boomstudios) June 14, 2014 BOOM! Studios will be adapting the Munchkin card game from Steve Jackson Games into a monthly comic. The comic […]