Stephen Byrne

Green Arrow #34 Review: Green Arrow Versus Ayn Rand

Green Arrow just discovered that his mother, Moira Queen, is still alive, and she has been working with the Ninth Circle. Needless to say, things just got a lot more complicated for Oliver Queen. His trial is impending, and he currently has not strategy to win it. Meanwhile, the Clock King has launched a sustained […]

Green Arrow #26 Review: The Emerald Archer And The Fastest Man Alive

With the discovery that the Ninth Circle is attempting to spread its operations across the nation and around the globe after the establishment of Star City, Green Arrow has decided to go on a road trip across the nation to stop their schemes wherever he finds them. Meanwhile, Black Canary, Emiko (the Red Arrow), and […]

A Ray of Light – Justice League of America Rebirth: The Ray Review

[Spoiler Warning – There will be some mild spoilers in this review] The JLA Rebirth: The Ray one shot had a lot riding on it for me. It’s the return of a classic character I’ve always been a bit of a fan of, it’s a gay male leading title and set-up for a new gay […]

Opening For A Fan Made Animated Doctor Who

How is this not a thing… artist and animator Stephen Byrne made up this video showing what he thinks the opening credits to The Animated Adventures of Doctor Who would be, if it were real. This shows The 12th Doctor and Clara but celebrates the previous Doctors nicely. You can see more of Stephen’s work […]