New Star Lord And Baby Groot Meet And Greet At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Thanks to WDW News Today, the internet got a sneak peek of something exciting at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Inside of One Man’s Dream near the back of the park, guests can now meet Star Lord and Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. This was where the Moana meet and greet was held, so I […]

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Lego Sets Give You Two Chances At Baby Groot

While not officially official from Lego, some sets have appeared today from the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. Finally, the baby Groot Lego mini-figure we have all been waiting for! These sets look pretty sweet, if not a little less challenging than I was hoping for as far as builds are concerned.   First […]

Chris Pratt Teared Up Reading Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 Pitch

According to actor Chris Pratt, the pitch James Gunn has come up with for Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 is so remarkable that Marvel Studios had no notes… Pratt while talking to Digital Spy said the idea of who Starlord’s dad is and what happens next brought him to tears. Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will […]

Peter Quill’s Mix-Tape From Guardians Of The Galaxy Remixed As Hip Hop Album

When I wrote about the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie I said, “Oh and the real winners in this film? Apart from the makers of eighties music mix albums?” When he woke up last Thursday and read that quote on Bleeding Cool, Kilgorian Tralfamadore knew his hard work would pay off. In July, after a conversation with […]

Michael Rooker Let Some Spoilers Slip On Yondu’s Connection To Peter Quill

In an interview with USA Today, former The Walking Dead actor Michael Rooker talked about his role as Yondu in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Since there are spoilers in the interview, let me put up our handy-dandy spoiler graphic.   Seriously… Rooker let’s quite a bit out of the bag here. You’ve […]

More Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Spots, This Time Focusing On Gamora And Rocket

More and more promotion is coming out for the movie and it’s sure to be everywhere as the month ticks by. Movieweb got two new TV spots for Guardians Of The Galaxy, the first is focusing on Gamora and how she is surrounded by the “biggest idiots”. and the second one being a little more Rocket-centric […]

Prototype Shot Of Starlord’s Mask

Director James Gunn posted a prototype shot of Starlord’s mask for the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy to his instagram account. This was from a camera test. The mask looks really good up-close, but I’m curious how well Chris Pratt can see out of it.

J Scott Campbell’s Rocket Raccoon #1… (COLOUR UPDATE)

J Scott Campbell is working on a retailer exclusive cover for Rocket Raccoon #1, the upcoming funny animal comic by Skottie Young that will be outselling every other comic book in the direct market this July. But for this one, you’ll have to talk to Midtown Comics in New York or Limited Edition Comix in […]

Marvel: Avengers Alliance Catches Up With Cinematic Universe

Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the turn-based role-playing adventure that allows players to experience the Marvel Universe across Facebook, iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™ devices, already features a cast of more than 80 playable Marvel Super Heroes and 180 Marvel Super Villains. Now the game is going to be expanding to include characters from the upcoming Captain America: […]

Speculation Corner: Annihilation Conquest: Starlord #1

RJ Droll writes; Whether it’s on a convention floor or on eBay, the various first appearances of the characters slated to appear in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie are commanding premium prices.  Groot seems to have taken the lead right now, with a mid-grade copy of Tales to Astonish #13 selling for $1,200 […]

Know Your Guardians – Gamora

Welcome back to another installment of Know Your Guardians. I hope to use this column to help you and I get better educated about the characters prior to the movie coming out next year. Last week we started out with the furry, so this week I  thought we’d move on to the sexy… no, not […]