Star Wars Day

Ubisoft Added Light Sabers to For Honor for Star Wars Day

Ubisoft Added Lightsabers to For Honor for Star Wars Day

If you happen to be playing For Honor today, Ubisoft had a treat for you as all of the weapons in the game have been designed to be lightsabers. The surprise kind of came out of the blue for Star Wars Day, and it’s making fans of the game demand that they be kept longer […]

Art Baltazar’s Gillbert Launches on Free Comic Book Day 2019 – Preview

Oh, we love Art Baltazar at Bleeding Cool. Whether with Franco or solo, he brings light into our lives. Now he has a return of an old favourite coming through Papercutz and Bleeding Cool has a preview… FCBD 2019 GILLBERT FCBD ED PAPERCUTZ (W) Art Baltazar (A/CA) Art Baltazar Young Gillbert is the prince of the  underwater […]

Starburns Presents a Sci-Fi Anthology of Free Comic Book Day 2019 Preview

Starburns launched with Free Comic Book Day last year and in 2019 they have a lot more sci-fi to sell–or in this case, give away for free–and we have a preview (if you squint). And more reason for Rebellion to be annoyed they didn’t get a 2000AD title. FCBD 2019 STARBURNS PRESENTS STARBURNS INDUSTRIES PRESS […]

Arcana Tells You to Go Fish In Free Comic Book Day 2019 Preview

It does have the look of a certain Nemo about it, but Arcana Studios are bringing their Go Fish all-ages title to Free Comic Book Day. Anyway, Alex is a Parrotfish, not a Clownfish, the difference is clear to anyone… FCBD 2019 GO FISH ARCANA STUDIO Alex the Parrotfish is off to the undersea city of […]

Joey Ellis’ Wolfie Monster for Scholastic Gets a Free Comic Book Day 2019 Preview

Joey Ellis has an all-ages comic book planned for Free Comic Book Day from Graphix/Scholastic. Here is what’s coming your way… FCBD 2019 WOLFIE MONSTER & BIG BAD PIZZA BATTLE GRAPHIX (W) Joey Ellis (A/CA) Joey Ellis Three monster brothers get into trouble in a wacky adventure to save their failing pizza parlor! Monster brothers […]

Zagor The Alien Saga – Free Comic Book Day 2019 Preview

Epicenter are to publish the Guido Nolitta and Gallieno Ferri classic Zagor The Alien Saga with Free Comic Book Day – here’s a look ahead. FCBD 2019 ZAGOR THE ALIEN SAGA (W) Guido Nolitta (A) Gallieno Ferri (CA) Michele Rubini When Zagor’s archnemesis, professor Hellingen mysteriously disappears from a scientific military base Skylab, Zagor is […]

The Tick Free Comic Book Day 2019 is a Sequel to 2018’s One – Preview

Ian Nichols is writing and drawing the brand new story in The Tick from New England Comics for Free Comic Book Day 2019. And it follows directly on from the 2018 Free Comic Book Day edition. I think that’s the first time anyone’s done that… FCBD 2019 THE TICK (W) Ian Nichols (A) Ian Nichols […]

Image Comics Reprints Spawn #1 in Free Comic Book Day 2019 Preview

With a new Francesco Mattina cover, Image Comics is reprinting Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn #1 from 1992 for Free Comic Book Day this year. And the big question… will Lance Gueck get his original ‘thanks’ credit back? He co-scripted that initial first issue, named Sam and Twitch and edited the drawn pages into some kind of story… and […]

Massive Preview of the All-Star H1 Universe from Humanoids for Free Comic Book Day 2019

The preview to Humanoids’ H1 shared universe is up. And it’s pretty massive, with new work from Mark Waid, Kwanza Osajyefo, Carla Speed McNeil, Philippe Briones, Cheryl Lynn Eaton. Afua Richardson, Mags Visaggio, Jock, Koi Pham, John Cassaday, Vanesa Del Rey, Andrea Mutti, Darick Robertson, Mike McKone and so many more, all under a cover by Yanick Paquette. […]

May the 4th Be with You – Television’s Lovingly Obscure Star Wars References

In honor of 2018’s edition of Star Wars Day (and just so I don’t forget, May the 4th be with you!), Bleeding Cool wants to remind you that television’s had a love affair with legendary sci-fi franchise for years — but we don’t play around with the “standards” or clichés around here, people! Sure, we […]

Looking To Spoil Yourself For Star Wars Day? Go The Ultrasabers Route

I have always wanted to cosplay as a Jedi, it is on my bucket list of Star Wars/convention things to do. My own personal hang-ups aside, one of the problems I always faced when thinking of putting something together was finding a non-cheap looking lightsaber to complete the look. What’s a master Jedi without his […]

Student Stormtrooper Cosplay Causes School Evacuation On Star Wars Day

A young Star Wars cosplayer caused a major furor in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin today when the student’s Stormtrooper costume reportedly caused their local high school to be evacuated. Reports from a concerned parent of someone wearing a strange costume led to the evacuation at Ashwaubenon High School, according to a report from local TV news station Fox 6, and a nearby […]

The Ten Best John Williams Songs To Listen To On Star Wars Day

John Williams is the best film composer of all-time. His greatest achievement would be the soundtracks to the 7 films that makes up the Star Wars Saga (Rogue One is not a Saga film). Since today is Star Wars Day (May the Forth be With You!) and if you are like me and have to […]