Star Wars Battlefront II

star wars battlefront 2

DICE Are Fixing Star Wars: Battlefront II With New Modes & Revamped Systems

DICE have made an announcement today that sounds like the start of the Star Wars: Battlefront II "Apology Tour", by announcing they are going to revamping the progression system in the game, along with new game modes that are on the way. Below are some of the finer details from a post they made today, but […]

star wars battlefront 2

Star Wars Battlefront II Gets New Patch Bringing New Map and Hero Ship

Star Wars Battlefront II has gotten its first patch since the new year and it brings a whole host of new content and fixes. Battlefront II has had a rough go of it since it launched, with a very loud a conversation being held around the game's microtransctions. That controversy has simmered down a little bit […]

Let's Talk About Loot Boxes and Player Created Black Markets

One of the few things that hasn't made much of an effect on the current loot box kerfuffle is the existence of player created black markets for the kinds of in-game goods that would normally be dropped by loot boxes or similar grab-bag systems. I've used the logo for the now defunct Marvel War of Heroes […]

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Apple Now Requires Apps to Disclose Loot Box Odds

Nestled within Apple's new guidelines for App developers, which came out yesterday, was a note that requires all app developers to disclose loot box odds in games. Specifically, the new rules require that loot boxes be transparent about their odds of dropping each type of reward. "Apps offering 'loot boxes' or other mechanisms that provide […]


The Last Jedi Comes to Star Wars: Battlefront II in Free Update

The world is currently going a bit wild for The Last Jedi, which is understandable. It's going to be the biggest film this year no doubt, and it's already had a lot of good word of mouth (not that it needed it). It's now making its jump to the video game space, too, with a […]

star wars battlefront 2

A New Patch To Battlefront II Stops the Boba Fett Exploit

EA DICE have just released the patch notes for Star Wars Battlefront II Patch 1.03, which they say covers issues they found as they wrapped up development. Why they're just getting those patched now is obvious. EA DICE have had much larger problems on their hands. That said, the fixes in 1.03 are pretty darn necessary. […]


Paladins Players are Unhappy with Recent Loot Box System Changes

Hi-Rez Studios recently announced an updated progression system for its free-to-play hero shooter Paladins. And many players are angry over its apparent similarities to Star Wars Battlefront II's Star Card system, arguing that the changed make the system a pay-to-win one. Prior to these changes, the stat-boosting cards needed to be unlocked through randomized loot boxes or […]

Dataminer Claims to Have Found Character Customization Menu in Star Wars Battlefront 2

At this point, saying that this 'story keeps rambling on' feels insufficient because it really does seems it isn't going anywhere. As I posted earlier, EA justified selling power altering microtransactions in Star Wars Battlefront 2 by saying that purchases around customisable content would break the canon of the universe. Well, as if in response, […]

star wars battlefront 2

Someone Started A Petition To Revoke EA's License To 'Star Wars'

And we've officially come full circle in the Star Wars: Battlefront II drama with an online petition asking for a massive task that probably can't be fulfilled. Someone has taken to to create a petition that's pretty cut and dry as it's titled "Lucasfilm: Revoke EA's Star Wars License". The rather lengthy tirade against EA […]

Did 'COD:WW2' Stop Loot Box Tiers Because Of 'Battlefront II'?

Some keen-eyed Reddit users pointed out that Call Of Duty: WWII has either removed or put on hold their new premium currency and tier system supply drops and points from the game, and many are speculating it has been done in response to the backlash the EA Games has received for Star Wars: Battlefront II. […]

star wars battlefront 2

Don't Like Star Wars: Battlefront II Loot Boxes? Get A Droid To Do It!

We saw this on Kotaku and just had to share it because we feel for this one. If you're still taking the StarWars: Battlefront II loot box system, a player on Reddit going by the name Lowberg showed off a video of him using a home-built robot to do the work for him by grinding […]


EA Is In Trouble Again: This Time Over FIFA As Fans Start A Boycott

EA has been in trouble lately with the fallout over Star Wars: Battlefront II loot boxes causing a couple countries and the state of Hawaii to consider restricting games with loot boxes as forms of gambling. While the ESRB has already disagreed with that opinion, the trouble over Battlefront seems to have sparked players of other EA […]

The State Of Hawaii Is Investigating EA Over Loot Boxes

Yesterday, Democratic State Representative from Hawaii Chris Lee held a press conference to explain that the state of Hawaii will be investigating legislation to ban games like EA's Star Wars: Battlefront II from being played by young children, both in Hawaii and possibly pursuing it on a national scale. Belgium also declared today that the […]

EA Games Suspends Purchases In 'Star Wars: Battlefront II'

After digging themselves into a publicity hole and seemingly pissing off every Star Wars gamer that ever existed, EA Games has officially suspended their microtransactions in Star Wars: Battlefront II this evening. The news came down about 30 minutes ago on the game's official Twitter feed. Today, we turned off in-game purchases for #StarWarsBattlefrontII. The game […]

EA Continues To Dig A Hole Over 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' Controversy

This week is probably not a good week to be an EA Games employee, as the company is receiving massive fan backlash over Star Wars: Battlefront II's problematic character unlocking system. Just to play catch up: It was revealed by users on Reddit who got the game in advance that it will take over 40 hours […]

More Reveals Within The 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' Launch Trailer

Before Star Wars: Battlefront II comes out on November 17, EA Games released a brand new launch trailer that's short and to the point, but reveals a lot more information than what we've been given willingly by EA. For starters, a good look at the footage shows almost a complete list of places you'll be able […]

EA & Dice Fix Their 'Star Wars: Battlefront II' Crate System

Putting aside the already annoyance people have for loot boxes in video games, the word coming out of the Star Wars: Battlefront II beta was that their system of "crates" was far more of a pain to get through. According to several reports on social media from players, the task of getting one was far more of […]

star wars battlefront 2

EA Responds To Even More Fan Concerns Over Battlefront II's Microtransactions

EA has again responded to the concerns of Battlefront II beta testers who were worried about the game's microtransactions. While you may have been pumped for Star Wars Battlefront II as it's a rather ambitious project trying to encapsulate several generations of Star Wars into one game, concerns about its micro-transaction systems have soured much of […]