Star Trek: Q Conflict

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"Star Trek: Q Conflict #5" Say Hi to the Borg (REVIEW)

Star Trek: The Q Conflict is getting close to its conclusion, as IDW's romp through the greatest hits of every Star Trek ever careens merrily off into another part of the Universe. When we left Q and company, everyone was struggling to keep the fabric of reality unraveling as the Wormhole Aliens decided to teach […]

Star Trek's Mightiest Heroes Face Off in "Q Conflict" #2 (REVIEW)

Sometimes, you read a comic book that is so entertaining that you want to see it on the big screen. Sometimes, you might get that wish, if modern Hollywood sees merit in your favorite title. Then there's IDW's Star Trek: Q Conflict, which will probably never see life in anything but a comic book. That's just […]