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GameCo To Release “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” Gambling Machines

GameCo will be unveiling a brand new gambling machine this coming weekend that Trek fans will be interested in with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – Red Alert. The reveal will be happening at the Star Trek Las Vegas mega-event taking place July 31st through August 4th. Attendees will get to check out the machine and […]

That ‘Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’ Documentary Just Got Picked Up by Shout!

We are SO pleased to report that SHOUT! Studios has picked up the worldwide rights for Ira Steven Behr‘s documentary about Star Trek: Deep Space Nice, What We Left Behind. What We Left Behindis co-directed by DS9 showrunner Behr and David Zappone (For The Love of Spock). It boasts some of the most in-depth interviews with cast […]

Ira Steven Behr Shares ‘Deep Space Nine’ Doc Update, First HD Clip

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine paved the way for many a space drama. It remains my personal favorite of the Trek series, mostly in part due to the strong as hell female characters and the script work throughout the series. Sure, some things get bogged down in the first season (you know, like ALL Star Trek)- […]


The Weekly Static s01e16: Fake News, Fairy Tales, and FTWD

It’s the weekend, kids! Time to spill out on the streets of stars and ride away. Try to find out what you are, face to face. And once you’ve had enough? Carry on, but don’t forget to love…The Weekly Static! But before we go any further, you should know why it is I’ve gathered all of […]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Documentary

Star Trek Deep Space Nine Documentary Is Being Delayed

The third TV series in the Star Trek lexicon, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, gets its fair share of hate. DS9 first aired back in 1993, and did ultimately change Trek for the better. As a female Star Trek fan, there was something really awesome about having well-rounded and capable characters in positions of power, who weren’t just […]

STLV 2017: Star Trek Film Academy To Offer Courses In Fan-Filmmaking

One of the more interesting news items coming out of this weekend’s Star Trek: Las Vegas 2017 convention was Star Trek Original Series Set Tour owner James Cawley‘s announcement of the opening of the new Star Trek Film Academy. Set to open in Spring 2018, the academy is officially licensed by CBS and will offer […]

Tread Perilously Podcast — Babylon 5: Grey 17 Is Missing

Tread Perilously docks at Babylon 5 to take a look at the late season three episode “Grey 17 is Missing,” a story even creator J. Michael Straczynski admits was difficult to write. Boy does it show as Delenn’s ascension to Ranger One becomes a drier affair than it should be — and that’s considering a […]

Hannibal’s Bryan Fuller To Take Center Seat On New Star Trek TV Series

Hannibal mastermind and American Gods executive producer Bryan Fuller will take the center seat on CBS’s new Star Trek television series, serving as the program’s showrunner. Entertainment Weekly reports that the new command will mark a return to the sci-fi franchise as both fan and professional. “My very first experience of Star Trek is my oldest […]