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"God of War" Art Director Completes Series of "Star Fox" Paintings

“God of War” Art Director Completes Series of “Star Fox” Paintings

Ever wanted to see what the God of War art director could do with Star Fox characters? Now’s your chance, because Raf Grassetti has put together a series of character portraits based on the main Star Fox cast. It may seem like an odd match, but Grassetti has done an excellent job on these classic […]

Nintendo Adds Three 3DS Titles to the Nintendo Selects Library

Nintendo announced this morning that three 3DS titles would be added to the Nintendo Selects library starting on February 4th. Those three games will be Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and Star Fox 64 3D. If you’re not familiar with Nintendo Selects, it’s basically a chance to […]

Star Fox Starlink Ubisoft E3

Star Fox Comes to Starlink on the Nintendo Switch, Announced at E3

Star Fox is joining the fight in Ubisoft’s new game Starlink. The news was announced at this afternoon’s Ubisoft E3 press conference to much fanfare. Shigeru Miyamoto himself even appeared on stage and was given the prototype of Star Fox and his ship from the toy to life game. Star Fox will be exclusively available […]

Star Fox

Rumor: Retro is Working on a Star Fox Racing Game

Rumours from Reddit, 4chan and other outlets say that Metroid Prime and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze developer Retro might be working on a Star Fox Racing game. I have an eternal love of Star Fox. While a lot of the games in the franchise have missed the mark, the quality of the first game […]

PSA: Captain Falcon Was Almost The SNES Mascot

Writer Akinori Sao sat down with some of the original F-Zero development team to talk about the game’s design, development, and main protagonist, Captain Falcon. The interview was part of a series presented by Nintendo to commemorate the repease of the SNES Classic Edition. During the interview one of the game designers, Takaya Imamura, confirmed […]

Could We Be Getting A Star Fox Game For The Switch?

Star Fox is one of those classic Nintendo games that you just never really forget. We never did get a direct sequel for it, but that hasn’t stopped Fox and friends from showing up on the 3DS and Wii U or ending up in just about every edition of Super Smash Bros. ever released. One of the […]

Get A Pretty Long Look At Star Fox Zero With This Launch Trailer

Star Fox Zero is just around the corner now. The updated version of the franchise is incoming, and while some of the anticipation and previews has been a little muted, I’m certainly still interested in seeing how it plays. Not sure what Star Fox is though? Well, this trailer has you covered. It’s over 4 […]

There Is An Animated Star Fox Short Happening This Month

Star Fox was a real mainstay in my Nintendo 64. I consider it to be one of the best flying games every made, and I am (very cautiously) optimistic about Star Fox Zero. To celebrate the game’s impending release, Nintendo have announced that an animated short will be broadcast on the company’s website on April […]

Star Fox’s E3 Puppets Return In New Trailer

Nintendo’s E3 Direct last year was quite bizarre. The games shown were quite hotly debated, but what really made it charming were the puppets used during the show. At one point, it featured the characters from Star Fox, who then transmogrified into the key Nintendo personnel. If only that played out in real life, that […]

The New Star Fox Zero Trailer Looks Great

As a big Star Fox guy, Star Fox Zero has had me a little nervous. The game, especially early on, didn’t quite look up to what we’d expect out of a 2016 from a major publisher. However, this new trailer that debuted during last night’s Nintendo Direct has me much more at ease. It seems the […]

Star Fox: Guard Announced To Launch Along Side Star Fox: Zero Next Month

Star Fox: Zero has looked a bit troubled from the outside during it’s production, but I’ve remained pretty optimistic. On April 22nd, not only will we get Star Fox: Zero though, we are also getting a whole new game called Star Fox: Guard. The game is coming to Wii U and focuses on mainstay Slippy’s Uncle […]

Catch A Quick Glimpse At More Star Fox Zero Footage

I’m quite conflicted about Star Fox Zero. The franchise really is one of the few I allow myself to get a little nostalgic about, but having played the game at trade shows, I have to say, I have some serious concerns. From janky controls to rather unattractive visuals, the game needs work. That’s why’s it’s […]

Star Fox Zero Trailer Lands With New Release Date

Star Fox Zero is on my watch list for nostalgia purposes, but after having played it, I’m a little concerned. I really am hoping for the best though. We caught a new glimpse at it during Nintendo Direct today. We got a new trailer that was pretty action packed, got a look at the new […]

Star Fox Zero Delayed Into 2016

Star Fox is more or less the only game franchise I get genuinely nostalgic for. I’ve been saying how excited I am for the new Shigeru Miyamoto lead game, Star Fox Zero, ever since E3 2014. It seems I’ll be waiting a little longer still though as the game has been pushed into Q1 of […]

Take A Look At The Vibrant Star Fox Zero Box Art

While I almost never buy into nostalgia in any serious way, Star Fox will always hold a place of reverence for me. There really is something about it that I’m in love with. The vibrancy and life of the game is so eye catching, and the strenghts of Star Fox 64 still holds up today, in […]

E3: Star Fox Zero Gameplay Shown Off During Nintendo Direct

Star Fox is probably one of the only series I get genuinely nostalgic about so the fact that we now have seen the long awaited Star Fox Wii U game has me buzzing. The game is called Star Fox Zero, is being design by Shigeru Miyamoto and it is coming Holiday 2015. This trailer shows old […]

Turns Out That A Star Fox Barrel Roll Is Scientifically Feasible

Star Fox is probably my favorite Nintendo franchise as I have an incredible affinity for the 64 title. Now, as anyone will know the most famous phrase in the series is ‘Do a Barrel Roll!’ You don’t even have to have played the game to have heard that one. That is why I appreciate this video […]

StarFox Will Be Playable At E3 To Get Ready For Release This Year

If you’ve kept an eye out, you may have noticed I have a bit of a ‘thing’ for StarFox. I think StarFox 64 is a masterpiece of on-rails shooting and it ranks as one of my most beloved games of all time. That could be rose tinted glasses, but for me, StarFox really is an […]

Nintendo Show Off New Zelda And Confirm Star Fox For Next Year

Patrick Dane writes, Nintendo had a pretty big presence at The Video Game Awards last night and that is great to see. It doesn’t seem too long ago we were all pleading to them to give the Wii U great content. Now we have Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Brothers, Amiibos, arguably the best showing […]