Star Craft II

Tychus Findlay is the Next Co-Op Commander Coming to Star Craft II

Blizzard is also adding a brand-new Co-op commander to Star Craft II just in time for Gamescom. Tychus Findlay is a notorious outlaw and iconic hero, and he should bring some interesting changes to your Star Craft gameplay. Tychus commands a crew of outlaws each with distinct personalities and unique skillsets that you can exploit to meet […]

Star Craft II Now Has Vicious AI Purifier Fenix Available As A Co-Op Commander

A new Co-op Commander is ready to take to the battlefield in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. A fearless and honorable warrior in life, Fenix now returns as a valiant Purifier who’ll sacrifice anything to protect his people. Before his death, his consciousness including all of his memories and emotions was uploaded into a sophisticated […]