KINGDOM HEARTS III – Opening Movie Trailer

KH3 Primer: What Even is The Kingdom Hearts Storyline?

  Kingdom Hearts is one of the ongoing Square Enix franchises that predates the Square and Enix merger as development started under Square Soft, which means we’ve had enough time to absolutely forget the storyline. We’ve had two main games, five spin-off games that function as prequel, sequel, and in-between stories. And now, over 10 […]

Secret of Mana video game releases

Secret of Mana’s Trophy List Has Already Leaked

Square Enix’s Secret of Mana remake is launching later this week, but PS4 players can already start working out their strategies on how to best achieve the platinum trophy. PSNProfiles has provided extensive details on every trophy available in the game, which includes the value of each trophy. According to the list, the Secret of Mana remake has a […]