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"Death Stranding" Actor Pleads With Press Not To Spoil The Game

“Death Stranding” Actor Pleads With Press Not To Spoil The Game

With Death Stranding on the way in a matter of weeks, it stands to reason some info is going to leak. Because that’s normally how these things go. The game makes its way out into the world, journalists and influencers get their hands on it, and people end up talking out of turn about something. […]

"Death Stranding" Gets Amazon UK-Exclusive Cover Art

“Death Stranding” Gets Amazon UK-Exclusive Cover Art

We’re less than a month away from Death Stranding’s release. It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost time to dive headfirst into Hideo Kojima’s latest game. Though most of us probably already have the game pre-ordered, there’s a new reveal that might make you decide to plunk down some additional cash. It looks like Amazon […]

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Check Out “MediEvil’s” Latest “Bonehead’s Guide to Gallowmere”

MediEvil is setting down on a PlayStation 4 near you later this month. Before you take a stab at it, you might want to spend some time boning up on the basics before you jump in. Sony Interactive Entertainment debuted a new clip, the second volume in developer OtherOcean’s trailer series. This one is the […]

Sam's Mission Unfolds in New Death Stranding Promotional Clip

Sam’s Mission Unfolds in New “Death Stranding” Promotional Clip

Death Stranding may have begun as an inscrutable adventure, but all is slowly becoming clear. Thanks to the latest promotional clip, “The Drop,” we’ve got a simple picture of what it is we’ll be doing in the game when it debuts this November. The short clip reveals a variety of the obstacles Norman Reedus’s character […]

"The Last Of Us Part II" Finally Receives A Release Date

“The Last of Us Part II” Gets A Video Talking About The Demo

Apparently, Naughty Dog decided to make a video about their upcoming demo for The Last of Us Part II and where we pick up the story. You can check out the video below, but the short version is that we pick up in a snowy territory five years later as Ellie carries on with her […]

"MediEvil" Remake Demo Launches On PS4

“MediEvil” Remake Demo Launches On PS4 Today

During Sony’s State of Play event on Tuesday, the company announced a demo for the MediEvil remake that’s available on the Playstation Store starting today! The demo, which is dubbed MediEvil- Short-Lived, launches today and will expire on October 7. It features a brief level from the game’s opening act, allowing undecided players to test […]

"The Last Of Us Part II" Finally Receives A Release Date

“The Last Of Us Part II” Finally Receives A Release Date

During today’s State Of Play livestream from Sony, we learned that The Last of Us Part II finally has a release date, and it’s not too far off. We now know the game will be released on February 21st, 2020. We also know that Naughty Dog will, of course, be releasing several editions of the […]

“Marvel’s Spider-Man” Releases A New Trailer Showing Off The Suits

One of last year’s most popular games has a new trailer out as Insomniac Games are showing off all of the suits you can get in Marvel’s Spider-Man. The video doesn’t reveal anything new, it’s basically just a look at Spider-Man in all his flashy PS4 glory in all the suits you can get. PlayStation […]

"Days Gone" Will Be Getting New Difficulty Modes

“Days Gone” Will Be Getting New Difficulty Modes

In case you’ve done everything there is to do in Days Gone, Bend Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment are going to be adding new content shortly. This week the developers revealed on the PlayStation Blog that the game will be getting New Game + mode, as well as new levels of difficulty. Hard II and […]

Insomniac Games Acquired By Sony Interactive Entertainment

Big news today from Sony Interactive Entertainment as it appears they have acquired Insomniac Games and added them to the company. The news came down this afternoon from Kotaku, saying they have purchased the California-based studio to make them exclusive. Insomniac is the studio behind the highly successful 2018 game Marvel’s Spider-Man, one of Sony’s […]

The Box Art For "Death Stranding" Revealed At SDCC 2019

The Box Art For “Death Stranding” Revealed At SDCC 2019

During a panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 today, Hideo Kojima revealed the box art and some other details to his upcoming game, Death Stranding. The artwork itself is already getting buzz and confirms there will be at least two versions of the game. The first looks like a standard edition with the main character […]

Media Molecule will Discuss Dreams at Develop: Brighton

Media Molecule will Discuss Dreams at Develop: Brighton

Media Molecule’s Siobhan Reddy, David Smith, Kareen Ettourney, Alex Evans, and Mark Healey will be holding a keynote talk at Develop: Brighton 2019 to discuss their creative adventure game, Dreams. Develop: Brighton takes place July 9th through 11th at the Hilton Brighton Metropole. Media Molecule’s keynote will be titled ‘Creating Dreams with Media Molecule,’ and will take place on Wedensday, July […]

Death Stranding

Hideo Kojima Unveils Baffling New Death Stranding Teaser

Video game auteur Hideo Kojima used his twitter account earlier today to release a new teaser for his current project, Death Stranding. As is always the case with a Death Stranding video, we’re left with more questions than answers. This new video features some very obscured gameplay along with the words “create the rope.” We’d offer some […]

PlayStation Releases a Blood & Truth Extended Gameplay Video

Sony Interactive Entertainment has been pretty quiet about Blood & Truth for the PSVR, but today we got an extended look at the gameplay. The video here was released on the official PlayStation YouTube channel, showing off more of the gameplay before its released on May 28th. This isn’t just a run-through for your enjoyment, […]

Sony Launching New Division to Adapt Games into Movies and TV

Sony Interactive has launched a new unit designed to take Sony’s existing games properties, which numbers at over 100 unique IPs, and adapt them into movies and TV shows. The new unit, called PlayStation Productions, will be headed by Asad Qizilbash and overseen by Sony Interactive Entertainment Chairman of Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden. This differs from […]

Sony's State of Play Reveals New MediEvil Gameplay and Story

Sony’s State of Play Reveals New MediEvil Gameplay and Story

Sony aired the second episode of their new “State of Play” stream series today, which unveiled some new gameplay for the remake of MediEvil in a brand new story trailer. We knew this gameplay was coming, so seeing it in the 10 minute stream wasn’t a surprise. That said, it looks awesome. The updated graphics and […]

Days Gone Releases a Gamplay Trailer Befor

Days Gone Releases a Gameplay Trailer Before Release

Before Days Gone comes out later this week on the PS4, Bend Studio and Sony Interactive Entertainment have released a gameplay trailer. It’s only a 30-second clip, which doesn’t give you a ton of gameplay to look at, but you get the gist of what’s going on and how things are going to play out […]

Days Gone Explores The World They Live In With Latest Trailer

Days Gone Explores The World They Live In With Latest Trailer

The latest trailer for Days Gone will have you thinking twice about exploring much as you get to see the world you reside in. The three and a half minute video from Bend Studio gets right to the point that nothing is safe, resources are scarce, exploration is a pain, and everything is trying to […]