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DC Primal Age 100-Page Giant 1

The DC Primal Age 100-Page Giant is Half-Baked Fun

DC Primal Age is a wonderful idea in theory. Combining the style of the old Masters of the Universe toy line with DC characters is an idea that probably should have happened a long time ago. Now a line of toys from Funko, it is also a 100-page giant comic that can only be found […]

Drew Powell

Gotham Season 4: Saying Goodbye to Drew Powell

Sometimes the worst part of a season finale is saying goodbye to old friends. Series move on, and a character you love might end up dropping down an elevator shaft or being blown up by a landmine. It’s just the way television works, and this season we had a few longtime favorites depart their series. […]

Butch Gilzean

Butch Gilzean: A Reason Gotham Fans Should Be Thankful

If you’d have told me in the first season of Gotham that Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell) was going to be one of the best characters on the series, I probably would’ve laughed. Either that, or I’d have asked, “Which one is Butch?” The character was a somewhat dim-witted sidekick and henchman for Fish Mooney (Jada […]

Gotham Season 4, Episode 8

Gotham Season 4, Episode 8 Recap: Stop Hitting Yourself

This article contains spoilers for the Gotham Season 4 episode ‘A Dark Knight: Stop Hitting Yourself’ I’ve been traveling for the last few days, so I’m just getting a chance to catch up on a couple shows like Gotham. As this season has been so far, this more recent episode was a bit crazy and chaotic. […]

Brian Michael Bendis batman

Brian Michael Bendis’s List Of All The People He Says Can Beat Batman

Now that the second-longest continuous writer at Marvel Comics, Brian Michael Bendis, has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics, everything he ever said anywhere on the internet about DC Comics is up for discussion. Including this great post on his Tumblr from earlier in the year, when asked about the comparative fighting abilities of Batman […]


Gotham Season 4: What Are The Signals For The Season?

This this has become Speculation Sunday as I broke down where I though the Arrowverse series are going, I figure it’s as good a day as any to talk about where we’re going in the other series I cover. Let’s talk about another DCTV series, Gotham. This fourth season seems to be moving at warp […]

DC Legends

Something Wicked This Way Comes To DC Legends On Mobile Devices

For October, the month of everyone’s favourite holiday or horror and dressing up, the DC Legends mobile game, available on iOS and Android, will be bringing two of DC’s scariest and witchiest characters to tie in to the frightful season. Players will be able to recruit both Gotham mad psychiatrist-turned-fearful tormentor, Scarecrow, and the powerful […]

Gotham Season 4

Gotham Season 4: When We’ll See Grundy, Barbara Kean’s Fate, And More

DCTV has released a new video featuring interviews with Gotham cast members Ben McKenzie, Jessica Lucas, Drew Powell, Alexander Siddig, and executive producer John Stephens. We learn that the season begins with Jim Gordon trying to loosen Penguin’s control over Gotham, while Bruce Wayne hits the streets as a masked vigilante — but eventually Gordon […]

gotham season 4

Gotham Season 4: Solomon Grundy And His New Best Friend

Here is a whole bunch of information about the upcoming fourth season of Fox’s Batman prequel, Gotham. The series ended (spoilers) with Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) frozen solid and in the possession of Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor). Penguin’s other old friend and ally, Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell) was lying in a hospital bed […]

The Comic Book History Of Solomon Grundy AKA Cyrus Gold

There was so much insanity in last night’s season finale of Gotham, that one brief little scene could’ve been overlooked by those not too familiar with the comic world. Butch Gilzean (Drew Powell) who has been part of the show for all but 10 episodes was shot in the head by Barbara Kean (Erin Richards). […]


The Gotham Finale Leaned Into The Insanity

This article contains spoilers for the 2-hour season finale of Gotham. . . . . . This third season of Gotham has been all about embracing the insanity that is Gotham and the 2-hour finale turned that up to 11. Many of the citizens have been infected by the Tetch Virus as have Jim Gordon […]

Battle Of The Big Bads – Bane Vs Solomon Grundy

I have to say I really like these Versus videos that DC is doing. It makes you think about pitting characters against each other that you might not normally see. Like this week. I’d never of thought of putting Solomon Grundy up against Bane. Truth is, I don’t think about Grundy all that much. Never […]

Viral Video Clip From Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem

The Joker is having a hard time wrangling in his actors while trying to film a viral video in this clip from Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem. Then again his actors are Silver Banshee, Clayface, Scarecrow and Solomon Grundy. Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem is available now on Blu-ray or Digital HD. [youtube][/youtube]

Bleeding Cosplay – From Battlestar Galactica To Solomon Grundy

Ian Mageto, Bleeding Cool’s Senior Cosplay Correspondent writes: It’s the final installment of Bleeding Cosplay in 2013 and it’s going to be hard to top the effusive brilliance of plenty of the cosplay this year, but it’s time to set the bar even higher for 2014. You can check out all our previous editions of […]

A Double Murder In Gotham’s Past And A Grundy In Arrow’s Future (UPDATE)

Bleeding Cool has been told by our lovely new Warners source (who has been so useful this morning)  that “the pilot script for GOTHAM has Detective Jim Gordon trying to solve a very famous double homicide.” Would it be that reckless for me to quote Gordon from the end of Batman Begins; “Armed robbery, double […]

Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – It Came, Astonishing X-Men, Black Manta, The Riddler, Mongul, Mister Freeze, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Court Of Owls, Solomon Grundy, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Harley Quinn, Avengers Arena, Kick Ass 3, Trigon, Sidekick, Killer Frost, Prophet, Manhattan Projects, Indestructible Hulk, Hit List And Robocop

Another look through a bunch of this week’s comics! The Carry On team debut in It Came, as official British Army soldiers to provide some much needed sexism and incompetence as a counter to… the existing sexism and incompetence of Dr Brett. Book of the week, by a long way. Dan Boultwood must be looking […]

Who Are The 56 Villains? Tuesday Trending Topics

Glad to see Solomon Grundy in there. Classic DC villain. Anyway, we should make a list of these.  There are 56 Villain books in September from the DCU, it seems, according to the Villain Month Omnibus story. So what makes up the remaining 21? Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday: What Books Will DC Be Sacrificing In […]