Walking Round the Good Omens Pop Up On Greek Street, Soho

Walking Round the Good Omens Pop Up On Greek Street, Soho

Yesterday, I rocked up at the Good Omens Pop Up on Greek Street, Soho, London, recreating Aziraphale's bookshop from Good Omens – the book and the TV show – and giving folk an immersive experience. This includes an escape room, a gallery of artwork created for the show and props from the show. I rocked […]

Sneak Peek at Good Omens' Shakespeare Scene (Spoilers)

Earlier today I popped to Dean Street in Soho to enter the recreated Aziraphale's bookshop escape room with a couple of friends from local comic shop Orbital Comics ahead of the release of Good Omens on Amazon Prime tomorrow. I'll have a video report for then, as well as a quick chat with artist Lorna […]

Life On Marlborough Street – Soho Shows Off David Bowie

Print by Michael Allred from Gosh Comics, Soho, London, It was just the other day that I was meeting Bob Fingerman in a pub on Wardour Street in London where I used to regularly drink,that I discovered it used to be one of David Bowie's old haunts. But then I get the feeling that's true […]

Rian Hughes' Burlesque Gallery And Introduction To Soho Dives, Soho Divas

Designer, cartoonist and comic creator extraordinaire Rian Hughes has created a series of portraits of London's burlesque performers, including sketches from life, graphic illustrations and paintings in a variety of media and styles. Here is the introduction to Image Comics' upcoming Soho Dives, Soho Divas, for November. I'm sure that, like me, you're wary of […]

Saying Hello To Gosh Comics

Dave McKean was signing at the new Gosh Comics today, which brought all the usual suspects out to pop by, some to see Dave, some to see the new store, some to buy comics. Even Brian Bolland popped by, in town on an errand. The old Gosh Comics in London was famous for having a […]

Saying Goodbye To Gosh Comics

On Saturday, the new Gosh Comics in Berwick Street, Soho, London opens, with a Dave McKean signing. And so the old Gosh Comics, opposite the British Museum, closes. And old friend of mine, Andy Konky Kru has commemorated the change with this picture of the old store in its final days; Andy's considerable comics work […]

Gosh! Comics Moves To Soho, Alan Moore Says Goodbye

After twenty-five years, one of the most famous comic book shops in the world, Gosh! Comics of London is moving from opposite the British Museum on Great Russell Street, to the other side of Oxford Street and Charing Cross Road, to Berwick Street, in Soho, on August 6th. But before they leave, Gosh! will host […]

Matt Smith Star Struck By Rupert Everett

I love these kind of stories. From a message board I frequent (and occasionally edit), Popbitch, as seen in Soho, London on Sunday evening, just around the corner from Popbitch's offices. Fron loobylou; Rupert Everett sitting outside BarraFina with an older actor type. Matt Smith runs by with Daisy Lowe, flags down a cab to […]