Release the Snyder Cut!

The Snyder Cut, a mythical version of the film Justice League which contains the raw, uncut brilliance of Zack Snyder’s Vision, is locked in a Warner Bros vault, and those @#$%##&s refuse to release it! Bleeding Cool chronicles the quest of Snyderbronies, hardcore fans of the DCEU, to finally get their hands on it.

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Justice League Could Lose A Buttload Of Money For Warner Bros

Yes, we all know that Justice League’s $94 million opening weekend was a disappointment, the lowest of all DCEU movies, and that the film failed to meet even lowered expectations from Warner Bros. But even so, it’s still a lot of money, and when the dust settles, the movie will still be profitable for Warner […]

Holt McCallany Says The Opening Scene Of Justice League Was Originally Comedic

Once the terrifying image of Superman passed in the opening prologue of Justice League we get a scene with Batman and a robber who looks very familiar who have watched Mindhunter on Netflix this year. Holt McCallany was our robber and he spoke to Collider about that scene and that it was originally a comedic […]

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Report: Joss Whedon Not Fired From Batgirl After Justice League Flop

Despite the very disappointing domestic box office of Justice League, director Joss Whedon, who took over from Zack Snyder after Snyder had to leave due to a personal tragedy, has not been fired from directing the upcoming Batgirl film, according to a new report. Justice League made just $94 million at the box office last […]

Jason Momoa Defends Justice League From The Mean Old Critics

Justice League doesn’t have a lot of defenders right now but one of them has come out of the woodwork and his name is Jason Momoa. Momoa turned to Entertainment Weekly to defend the movie from a bunch of mean old critics. “I try to stay the f— away from what people say,” the Aquaman […]

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Justice League: Ezra Miller Shares One Of The Jokes That Got Cut

We are finding out that a lot of things were cut from Justice League. It’s unclear if we’ll ever know about all of the things on the cutting room floor, but star Ezra Miller did share a joke that was cut to Gamespot. This isn’t really a spoiler because it gives no plot details away, […]

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At Least One Reviewer Loved Justice League, And His Name Is Jim Lee

A lot has been said about the negative response to Justice League by critics this opening weekend. The film has a 40% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes, with most critics panning the movie, but an 85% audience score (the second highest in the DCEU), showing that audiences seemed to really enjoy it. Even still, negative […]

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Justice League’s Sub-$100M Opening Is Officially The Lowest In DCEU History

The weekend estimates are in, and Justice League has sputtered to an underwhelming $96 million domestic box office take for its opening weekend. The movie not only underperformed Warner Bros.’ hopes of finally breaking a billion dollars globally for a DCEU movie and launching the next phase of the beleaguered superhero movie universe, but even […]

Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara Under Spotlight Over Justice League Reception

In 1994, Kevin Tsujihara helped manage Warner Bros’ interest in Six Flags theme parks. While employed at Warner Bros., he focused on business development and online content. In 2005, Tsujihara was given the position of president of Warner Bros.’ home entertainment unit, which focuses on the home video, online distribution and video games for the company. In […]

[SPOILERS] Justice League – Jason Momoa Talks Vulko And Deleted Scenes

We’re getting a better idea every day what kind of scenes were cut from the original cut of Justice League looked like. Jason Momoma is one of the cast members to talk to Gamespot about some of Aquaman’s deleted scenes. However, to get into them will require a minor spoiler warning. . . . . […]