small fry

When Mini-Buzz Lightyear Met Mini-Zurg

The new Toy Story short, Small Fry, will be playing in American cinemas today,* just ahead of the second coming of Kermit.** This image comes from the Toy Story Facebook page. *By today I mean Wednesday 23rd. Which it is in the UK. So, today. Even though I'm talking about the US. **Okay, not second, […]

First Clip From The New Toy Story Shows Buzz In Action And T-Bone Transforming

Okay, so most of the tropes in this sequence will be familiar from the earlier Toy Story films, but that doesn't mean I wasn't transfixed… …and I think "they" should stop with the Transformers movies now and start with a series about robots in disguise as meat. Small Fry, the second of Pixar's Toy Story […]

First Look At The New Characters In The New Toy Story Short

There's a wealth of imagination on display here. Just think about the names and backstories these characters would have.* That's Jane Lynch's character, I'd think, in the foreground on the right, out of focus, with her back to us. Toy Story Shorts: Small Fry will play before The Muppets, from the 23rd of November in […]

First Image And Details Of Toy Story: Small Fry

They're back. Running before The Muppets (not sure what that is, sounds like it has something to do with puppets) is a new Toy Story Short, following on from the splendid Hawaiian Vacation. This time, the film is called Small Fry and when I show you a still from it, you'll see why. How very […]