Skybound Games

Decisions, Decisions: We Review Blank Marry Kill from Skybound Games

We’ve played a couple versions of games that take on the theme of Love-Marry-Kill int he past, a lot of them being much more vulgar versions because when you talk about love it often treads into sex. So, of course, there’s sexual content in a lot of those games. Clear back at PAX West, our […]

For Better Or Worse?: We Review The ‘Red Flags’ Expansion Decks

Earlier this month we reviewed Red Flags, an awesome card game from Skybound Games that focuses on poor dating choices. You can read that review here if you wish to learn more about the game, but today, we’re reviewing the expansion packs. Now much like its predecessor Superfight, Skybound have gone all out to make […]

Clashing Like Never Before: We Review ‘Superfight’ The Card Game

If you’re not familiar with the game Superfight, you may want to take a small moment to check out this review because as geeks, nerds, and pop-culture junkies—this may end up being a game you use to replace Cards Against Humanity when you’ve finally gone through every combination of cards you can and are frustrated […]

Have I Got A Date For You! We Review ‘Red Flags’

A while ago I caught wind of this brand new card game from Starbound Games called Red Flags, the same minds who brought you Superfight (which we’ll discuss at a later date in great detail). After seeing some people play it for a minute, I had to see what it was all about and why […]