‘Cowboy Bebop’: Did Live-Action Series Producers Forget Faye Valentine was Chinese?

Netflix announced the main cast of their live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop on Thursday, and many sites and pundits sighed with relief that they didn’t “whitewash” the whole cast, going for diverse and color-blind choices: John Cho playing Spike Spiegel, Mustafar Shakir playing Jet, Daniella Pineda playing Faye Valentine, and Alex Russell playing Spike’s friend-turned-nemesis […]

Look! It Moves! by Adi Tantimedh: The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Comics Buyer

I’m currently travelling around Southeast Asia, stopping by Bangkok, the Laos border, and Singapore, away from the familiarity of First World Problems in the West. Contrary to what a lot of Westerners like to think, it’s not primitive here. They have wifi, fibre-optic cable, coffee bars and Western food. Gaming culture is big in Asia, […]

Video Previews Of Transformers: The Ride

I have an inkling that a lot of Transformers movie fans would actually like the films to be more like theme park rides; I have a quieter inkling that some won’t be able to tell the difference.* Transformers: The Ride is opening on December 3rd at Universal Studios in Singapore. Resorts World Sentosa have been […]

Singapore Slung! Video And Pics From Singapore Toys, Games & Comics Convention

Matt Fraction: people of singapore if you were any nicer you’d all wake up in a bathtub of ice cubes missing a kidney with CALL 911 written on your chests Gail Simone: The Singapore readers are AMAZING, so smart and enthusiastic and wonderful. A really huge percentage are female, as well. Awesomeness! CB Cebulski: Only […]

Are You In Singapore This Weekend? Come To Comic Con

Apparently CB Cebulski, Matt Fraction and Ivan Brandon are already enjoying the bar life. This weekend sees the Singapore Toy, Comics And Comic Convention take place, the first under the new ownership of Reed Expo, owners of the NYCC and C2E2. And, befitting this, the theme is one of East Meets West. So Marvel people […]

Marvel Makes It To Singapore Comic Con

This is the convention I really wanted to do this year, but just couldn’t spare the time. Marvel however it seems can spare the time, the staff and the creators. The Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention recently purchased by Reed Expo now has Marvel Comics in full attendance, with a large booth, creators, Guests […]