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Cry Havoc And Let Loose The Brewdogs Of War

There is a strong relationship between British comic book creators and public houses. Many a comic has been pitched and won over a pitcher. Many a whine over payment and credit over a wine. Many a tear over a beer. And other examples that don’t rhyme quite as easily. Wednesday sees the launch of Cry […]

Crossed: Badlands And Crossed +100 In Stores This Week From Avatar Press

Avatar Press (our parent company) has two new books hitting shelves this week. First up is Crossed: Badlands #92 by Max Bemis and German Erramouspe and then Crossed +100 #13 by Simon Spurrier and Rafa Ortiz. Both issue offer a variety of cover options to choose from. Crossed: Badlands #92 Say Anything singer and songwriter, […]

A Comic Book That Is Bigger On The Inside

This is the first page of next week’s Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Year Two #3 by Si Spurrier and Simon Fraser. Published by Titan Comics, the relaunched series has done a number of surprising things, not the least reviving the character created by the late Steve Moore, Absalom Daak, Dalek Killer. But next week, the […]

Why Si Spurrier’s Crossed +100 Is Like Neil Gaiman’s Miracleman

Alan Moore and Gabriel Andrade finished their first arc of Crossed +100, the Crossed story set a hundred years in the future. And, in this changed world with a language as unfamiliar to us, as we would sound to those in Elizabethan England, with a Crossed or “churchfaced” population having died out, or self selected so […]

Warren Ellis And Si Spurrier – When Comics Writers Go Prose

Warren Ellis says, Well, hell.  Look at that.  The cover, by the sainted Roger Strunk, for ELEKTROGRAD: RUSTED BLOOD, a long short story – something over 10,000 words, I forget exactly – and the second Summon Books digital-only release.  A science fiction crime story about theoretical architecture, AI and vintage robotics. The book will be […]

Si Spurrier And Ryan Kelly’s Cry Havoc To Spotlight Colourists #ImageExpo (VIDEO)

A new comic book series announced at Image Expo, with Si Spurrier and Ryan Kelly, Cry Havoc, about a London hipster whose world undergoes a supernatural shift, who travels to Afghanistan and then somewhere else. [youtube][/youtube] The beginning, middle and end of her story, told side by side. And with three different colourists for each […]

The Spire – A Medieval Mutant Mega-City Block Of Murder…

It does feel as it Spire has been coming a long time. Medieval Written by Si Spurrier, it does in some ways appear to be a merging of his greatest hits. His work on 2000AD, and the Mega City Blocks, wherein one can spend their whole life, with a police force often out of its depth, […]

Image Expo Preview Book To Hit Comic Stores The Wednesday After

Last summer’s Image Expo was held in the Hilton Bayfront the Wednesday morning of San Diego Comic Con. I’m staying there this year and so thought that might save me a morning rush from the other side of town. But this year Image is holding their Expo in San Francisco the Thursday before the show. Bleeding […]

Si Spurrier Joins Doctor Who For ‘Year Two’ – And Is That Absolom Daak?

We told you that Si Spurrier was coming onto Doctor Who. And he is, for the second year of The Eleventh Doctor comics from Titan, with Rob Williams and Simon Fraser. And note the chainsword mention – it does seem to suggest a certain Absolom Daak, Dalek Killer who recently saw mention in the TV show. […]

People React To… The British General Election Results

So, the Conservatives have won the UK election, scraping a full majority of elected MPs in the House of Commons. Labour’s vote collapsed in Scotland, the Liberal Democrat vote collapsed everywhere, the SNP decidupled their seats in Parliament, and while UKIP made an impact on the vote, they never got enough concentrated in enough spots […]

Is Si Spurrier The New Writer For Doctor Who?

The author of X-Men Legacy, X-Force, Secret Wars, Numbercruncher, Crossed: Wish You Were Here, Disenchanted, Crossed +100, Six Gun Gorilla and much more now looks to add Doctor Who to his dance card, courtesy of current publisher Titan Comics. The publisher already publishes three ongoing series, each featuring the Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors, with […]

Avatar Press Solicitations For June 2015 – Si Spurrier Joins Crossed +100

The big news from Avatar in June, and talked about at the weekend’s London Super Comic-Con is that Si Spurrier, the author of Crossed: Wish You Were Here is writing an arc of Alan Moore‘s Crossed +100 series from his notes. And Alan Moore’s Providence jumps in size to a 40 page comic without ads. […]