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Caliber To Tackle Both H.P. Lovecraft And Sherlock Holmes In The Same Month

Caliber Comics is tapping into two popular and esteemed literary worlds this November. Brandon Barrows and Hugo Petrus dive into Mythos: Lovecrafts Worlds while Christopher Sequeira and artists Philip Cornell and J. Scherpenhuizen stalk Sherlock Holmes: The Dark Detective. The Lovecraft graphic novel is an adaptation of eight different lesser known stories while the other graphic novel […]

Exclusive First Look At Dynamite’s Trades Shipping In November

And here we have an exclusive first look at the covers and solicitations for Dynamite’s trades and graphic novels shipping in November. These include a Sherlock Holmes Omnibus, collections of Gold Key Alliance, Lords of the Jungle and Vampirella and an Art of Red Sonja. ART OF RED SONJA VOL. 2 Hardcover Cover: Jenny Frison […]

A Digital Comics Crime Bundle 89% Off Of Regular Price

We have covered a lot of different digital comic bundles over the last year from multiple sources and publishers. Varying in size, cost and genre as well as where the proceeds go. Now, Comixology is probably the biggest distributor of digital comics and they are offering up a bundle. A Dynamite Crime bundle featuring 49 […]

Robert Downey Jr Says Sherlock Holmes 3 Is Filming This Year

Since the last time Robert Downey Jr. stepped into the role of the world’s greatest detective he has played Tony Stark three times (Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War) and that was just in five years. Now the star is talking to Shortlist about returning to the world of Sherlock Holmes […]

Games With Gold For March Brings Lords Of The Fallen And Sherlock Holmes

Another month coming to a close, another month of free games on the horizon. Xbox, as usual has blinked first too. IN March, Games with Gold will be offering a pretty neat collection. On Xbox One, from March 1st – 31st, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment will be free with Dark Souls-esque Lords of the […]

The Black Bat, Domino Lady And Sherlock Holmes In April From Moonstone

Here are two new books coming out from Moonstone Books in April of 2016. The first up is Guns of the Black Bat #1, a new comic from Ron Fortier Aaron Shaps and Silvestre Szilagyi. Then we have a collected trade of Sherlock Holmes and Domino Lady stories including the two fabled detectives working together. […]

Roger Langridge’s Female Sherlock Holmes Comic For Boom! Studios Next Year

I’ve been a fan of the work of cartoonist Roger Langridge for decades. I even published him in the mid-nineties, a strip called Bill The Clown in those old X-Flies comics. One legal letter later and he was Fred The Clown. In recent years, Langridge has been working on a number of comics with Boom! Studios […]

Exclusive Look At Dynamite’s Crime Comics Shipping February 2016

Next up on our exclusive look at the titles shipping in February 2016 from Dynamite are their crime stories. We have the third volume of Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives, the third issue of Seduction of the Innocent and the eight issue of Will Eisner’s The Spirit. SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT #3 (OF 4) Cover: Francesco […]

Star Wars Has Its Indiana Jones, Now It Gets A Sherlock Holmes

Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca already introduced Aphra, the Indiana Jones of the Star Wars Universe, working for Darth Vader into their titular villain book. And a superhero team. Well, in today’s issue of Darth Vader, it’s time for a new archetype. Sherlock Holmes. In the form of Inspector Thanoth. Yeah, he won’t last long. […]

Ian McKellen Almost Missed Out On Playing Magneto And Gandalf

The thing that gave us Hugh Jackman as Wolverine almost cost us Ian McKellen as Magneto and Gandalf. In an interview with People Magazine, McKellen told the story of how he had just finished the film Gods And Monsters when he was offered a role in Mission Impossible II. The studio wouldn’t give the actor […]

Sir Christopher Lee Has Died At 93

Starting the day off with sad news. Legendary actor, Sir Christopher Lee, has passed away in the hospital after suffering heart and respiratory problems. He started working in 1946 on a TV series called Kaleidoscope and continued working until his passing. He is known for his turns as Dracula, Sherlok Holmes, Rasputin, Scaramanga, Flay, Saruman […]

Sherlock Holmes Meets The Doctor In Newzoids Sketch

Ever since Steven Moffat took over Doctor Who and created the series Sherlock, some folks have been wanting the two characters to crossover. Moffat in the past said that he gets caught up in the idea until someone comes along and reminds him that the show would never be as good as the fans want […]

New UK Trailer For Mr. Holmes Starring Ian McKellen

He’s already tackled such iconic characters as Gandalf The Grey and Magneto… so taking on the role of Sherlock Holmes in his later years seems quite fitting for Sir Ian McKellen. In the film Mr. Holmes, the world’s greatest detective is at the end of his life at a time where he has a certain […]

Wondercon ’15 -IDW Publish Sherlock Holmes/Sigmund Freud Crossover

Because Green Lantern/Star Trek just wasn’t enough. At their Wondercon panel. IDW has announced it is publishing the comic book adaptation of the Star Trek movie director Nicolas Meyer novel The Seven Per Cent Solution, adapted by Scott and David Tipton, and Ron Joseph. I can hear Tony Lee crying from here. From the mind of Star […]

Mr. Holmes – Trailer Shows Us Ian McKellan On Sherlock’s Final Case

The world’s greatest detective is not what he used to be in the new film Mr. Holmes starring Ian McKellan. But even without his full mental faculties, Sherlock sets out with a young protege to solve that one last mystery. Mr. Holmes opens in the UK on June 19th. [youtube][/youtube]

A Very Different Sherlock Holmes

Ian McKellen is playing a very different version of Sherlock in the upcoming Mr. Holmes. In the film, directed by Bill Condon, it’s 1947 and the world’s greatest detective is 93 years old and has just returned from Japan where he witnessed the atomic devastation. He is dealing with diminishing mental abilities while going over […]

Sherlock Holmes, Kolchak The Night Stalker And Night Hawk From Moonstone In June

Moonstone Books has sent over their releases for June 2015 that includes a team up of the world’s greatest detective Sherlock Holmes and Kolchak the Night Stalker as well as the flying spy Night Hawk. Sherlock Homes & Kolchak: Cry for Thunder Author: Joe Gentile Cover Art: Doug Klauba 6’ x 9’, sc, 139pgs, $9.99 The […]