Shane Hensley

A Storm Is Coming As TORG Returns With A New Edition

By Christopher Helton One of the big announcements at Gen Con next week will be the return of the classic roleplaying game TORG from German publisher Ulisses Spiele and Shane Hensley, creator of Deadlands and Savage Worlds, and a team of designers and writers to be announced. Speculation has been rampant online as Hensley and others have been posting pictures of […]

Bleeding Gen Con Day Two – Awards And New Game Discoveries

By Christopher Helton The second day of Gen Con was a busy one, busier than the previous day. More people were milling about the convention center. The crowds were very diverse, which is a good thing, with more women and people of color attending panels, playing in events and wandering about in costume. It was […]

Find Deadlands In The Bundle of Holding For The Next Few Days

By Christopher Helton Some of you may remember Deadlands from the announcement that it was being developed as a possible “television” series to be broadcast via the XBox. Some of you may have played one version or another of the tabletop game. For the next few days the classic version of Deadlands will be available through the Bundle […]

Talking With Shane Hensley About The Xbox Originals TV Future For RPG Deadlands

By Christopher Helton When it was announced that there would be original “television” programming developed for the Xbox, it wasn’t the mentions of adaptations of works by Warren Ellis or Chuck Dixon that got me as excited as the fact that among  the potential programs was one based on the roleplaying game Deadlands, published by […]