Elsinore, a Hamlet Video Game, Launches This June

Elsinore, a Hamlet Video Game, Launches This June

If you’ve ever wanted to play a video game adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, Golden Glitch Studios is releasing exactly that in late June. The game is called Elsinore and puts the player in control of Danish noblewoman and Hamlet’s love-interest, Ophelia. Except, unlike the Shakespearean version, this Ophelia is an active […]

Sony Classics Nabs Kenneth Branagh’s Return to Shakespeare, ‘All Is True’

It’s been a Stratford second since Kenneth Branagh has done Shakespeare in film form, and Sony Classics has just bought his directorial (and starring) return to the Bard, All Is True. In classic Branagh fashion, the film was directed by and will star the Brit as William Shakespeare, but this isn’t a story you’ve seen before. Apparently, All […]

Something Rotten! Review: Broadway’s Shakespearian Romp Lands In San Francisco

With all the happenings in the world, sometimes what’s needed is some light diversion to entertain and put a smile on people’s faces. To that end, Something Rotten! does deliver. Coming off of a 742-performance run on Broadway, the national tour has landed in San Francisco for a three and a half week run (until […]

Nick Spencer, Like Shakespeare, Knows What It’s Like To Have Readers Turn On Him

William Shakespeare is a famous English playwright who produced some of the most memorable works of all time, including Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Die Hard 2, and Hamlet. Nick Spencer writes Captain America and the Marvel super-mega-crossover event Secret Empire, about Captain America being a Nazi. Besides the obvious similarities, such […]

All The World’s A Stage For No Holds Bard

Eric Gladstone writes, You know the drill. Whenever trouble was afoot in Gotham City, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne hurries over to his bust of William Shakespeare…and wait, why Shakespeare? Why not Shakespeare? I think we can agree Batman’s always been the most theatrical superhero. The man needed therapy but got ninja training instead. He spent […]

Shakespeare Meets A Post-Apocalyptic Manga World In Hamlet Max Theater Performance

By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent The 75-seat Schkapf and Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles is hosting a limited run of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Presented by Central City, theatre actor Jacob Sidney directed Hamlet Max, which he adapted from Shakespeare’s Second Quarto. The eight-member cast portrayed 16 different parts with minimal […]

Kickstarter Kicks Off Fight Over Shakespeare And Lovecraft

Recently, Bleeding Cool ran a piece on a Kickstarter for a comic book Prospero’s Price. It has now been suspended by Kickstarter pending a copyright claim from author DR O’Brien, which reads, Description of copyrighted material: Shakespeare v Lovecraft, a horror comedy novel, was originally published in 2012 by Amazon. It featured prominently on many […]

BBC’s Hollow Crown Trailer Is A Grand Actor Circle Jerk…

[youtube][/youtube] This is a bit “fuck you, Game Of Thrones”, this is how we do it, don’t you think? Forget the Starks and the Lanasters, it’s time for the Yorks and the Lancasters and the War Of The Roses… BBC2 are adapting Richard II, Henry IV Part 1 and 2, and Henry V. Everyone is […]

VIDEO: Stan Lee Reads Aloud Shakespeare, For Romeo And Juliet: The War Trailer

We’re not exactly what role Stan Lee actually has in the creation of 1821’s sci-fi comic Romeo And Juliet: The War. Still it gets the company and the project more attention than otherwise, and maybe that’s the point. And he does read a mean Shakespeare So here’s a video trailer of the comic, written by […]