Image Brings More Sex to Comic Shops in April

Image Comics will relaunch Sex, the creator-owned comic book by Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski, as an ongoing series of original graphic novels, the publisher announced in a press release Thursday. The first volume, Sex, Vol. 6: World Hunger will hit stores in April. In this all-new Sex experience, readers will return to Saturn City […]


Sex Education: Netflix Enrolls In Eleven Film’s Teen Sex Dramedy Series

Looks like Netflix is getting into the “sex ed” business; except this time, it’s not birds, bees and uncomfortably (& anatomically) awkward diagrams. We’re talking Sex Education, a coming-of-age comedy/drama series from British producer Eleven Film. Created by newcomer Laurie Nunn (Pregnant Pause) and directed by Ben Taylor (Catastrophe), the series is expected to begin production […]

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NYCC Talks Graphic Sex: Comics, New Media, And The Queering Of Sex Education

John Odum reports from a very NSFW panel at NYCC 2017: To attend the Graphic Sex: Comics, New Media and the Queering of Sex Education panel, one had to leave the NYCC-prime universe of the Javitz Center and undertake the 20-minute walk to the New York Public Library, which serves as host for a “satellite” […]

Erik Larsen Relishes In Savage Dragon Becoming An 18+ Comic (SPOILERS)

In recent months, we’ve noted how Savage Dragon, noted for pushing content acceptability over the decades, had been pushing it further regarding sexual content. With scenes and storylines closer in tone to Sex Criminals rather than classic Dragon. In today’s issue, Erik Larsen relishes in the content rating the comic now has. So this issue […]

Oni Press Launches New Erotic Comics Line, Starts With Erika Moen’s Oh Joy Sex Toy

We wake up to Monday with the news that Oni Press has announced a new sex-positive erotic and sex-education comic book line, Limerence Press. It is intended to focused on positive, diverse, and approachable stories that “reflect a wide variety of emotional and intimate experiences”. And they are beginning by publishing the first three volumes of […]

Sex, Superheroes And Sarcasm

Jamie Me writes, I’m writing a superhero girl meets boy story, with art by Toni Doya and colours by Sean Callahan, that I’ve recently taken to Kickstarter, and I thought it would be fun to write about the inspiration behind the opening pages.   @JamieMeWrites Ok I gotta know. Did you meet ur love in […]

Did Charlie Brooker Know? Or Did He Just Get Very Lucky?

The first episode of British sci-fi anthology TV show Black Mirror, by Charlie Brooker for Channel 4, is infamously gross. Spoilers below. Titled The National Anthem, the plot begins with the kidnap of a much loved British princess, as a blackmail threat is delivered to the British government. It states that if the Princess is not to be killed, the […]

Image Watch: The Big Joe Casey Sex Interview Part 2

By David Dissanayake  Joe Casey gives a damn good interview.  Last week I talked to him about his book Sex from Image Comics.  A masterful post-superhero story about repression, intimacy and personal redefinition, Sex follows Simon Cooke – a Batman/Iron Man/rich man superhero archetype – as he hangs up his cape and cowl in an attempt to leave […]

Image Watch: Getting Into Sex With Joe Casey (Part 1)

By David Dissanayake  Joe Casey is a creator whose work I have admired for a long time. His comics are constantly inventive and always push the boundaries of the medium. His Image book Sex is a perfect example.  Drawn by Piotr Kowalski, colored by Brad Simpson, lettered by Rus Wooton, and designed by Sonia Harris, Sex is […]

Artist Spotlight – Piotr Kowalski Of Dynamite’s Terminal Hero

Piotr Kowalski says he is just getting known in the American comic market. But so far the artist has worked with Clive Barker on Nightbreed, Joe Casey on Sex, Joe Keatinge on Marvel Knights: Hulk and now Peter Milligan on Terminal Hero. That’s an impressive list of projects. So we turn the spotlight on him […]

Rape And The Modern Superhero Comic – Invincible #110

There are spoilers for today’s issue of Invincible by Robert Kirkman, the author of The Walking Dead and Ryan Ottley below. It is not unknown for rape to be a part of superhero comic books. Whether that’s the attempted rape of Evey in V For Vendetta, the rape of Sue Dibny in Identity Crisis, of Katie in […]

Stan Lee Talks About Sex, Death And Ultron To Playboy

LEE: So Playboy wants to know all about my sex life? PLAYBOY: If that’s where you would like to begin. Stan Lee has given an interview to porn mag Playboy. And he knows exactly why he’s there. LEE: No, they needed me to help the enlisted men avoid disease. They were always getting VD. So […]