Exclusive Look At Character Concept Art For Gods Of Egypt

We have an exclusive look at some character design art for the film Gods of Egypt. The film pitted Gerard Butler as Set versus Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Horus with a bunch of humans involved. The Alex Proyas directed film was not well received in the U.S., making only $31 million at the box office, but […]

Watchmen Characters Make It Into Sara Richard’s Justice League Tarot Set For DC

So there is a Justice League Tarot card set by Sara Richard in comic book stores today (and from Amazon after Christmas) Featuring a bunch of characters associated with the Justice League – and some less associated.   The Penguin? Apparently. But there’s more… A Beetles reunion…. Two men, two cups? Midnighter and Apollo of The […]

Now Is The Time To Catch Up On The Dexter Blu-Rays

The sixth season of Dexter is scheduled to hit DVD and Blu-ray  this Tuesday, August 14th. Perfect timing, then, to also sweep in and grab seasons one to five. You might even be anle to cram them all n as revision before season seven starts in September. A collection of the complete first five seasons […]

A Helicopter Trip Over The Lone Ranger Set

You’ll get a sense of the scale and style of the Lone Ranger set standing in Utah from this video fly-by. You won’t see any action going on, but it’s still an interesting sneak for those anticipating the film. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player What proportion of the film will take place in and around […]

Filming Next Week’s Doctor Who (Video & Pics)

Here are some photos and video taken from the set of next week’s episode of Doctor Who. No scary doll faced children, you are spared that. Thanks to Matt Booker of Auttomatic Comics. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

Chris Morris’ Rocket Launcher From Four Lions On eBay

It was one of the funnier scenes (among many) in Four Lions, the jihadist comedy from last year. New recruits training in Pakistan, firing a rocket launcher at an overhead American fighter jet, only to realise it was pointing the wrong way round and they blew up the nearby training camp instead. Farcical it may […]

First Set Shot From Dark Knight Rises?

Thanks to NolanFans for tipping Bleeding Cool off as to this shot purporting to be from the set of the third Nolan Batman movie Dark Knight Rises. Certainly someone is building Arkham Asylum sets… This was posted on the JoBlo forums with the description; “my good mate who is working on set at cardington where […]

Spider-Man Action Footage From New Movie

Spider-Man swinging off a moving truck, as shot for the upcoming movie, by someone who happened to be walking past with a phone. See, this is what the real Marvel Universe would look like on camera. Favourite comment from a Youtuber? “Fake…You can see the wires…” [youtube][/youtube]