Secretlab Announces It's Latest Gaming Chair: The Titan XL

Secretlab Announces It’s Latest Gaming Chair: The Titan XL

Secrerlab revealed their latest gaming chair earlier today, as they expand their Titan line to include the latest model, the Titan XL. This particular model is 25% larger than the standard Titan model, along with some added features that make it ideal for people who weigh between 220-390 lbs. Basically, if you’re a bigger, heavier, […]

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Secretlab Partners With Blizzard For New “Overwatch” Gaming Chairs

This week, Secretlab revealed a new partnership with Blizzard as they will be producing two new gaming chairs for Overwatch. The two chairs you can see here are for the standard logo and a special edition. Which, incidentally, we need to own right now as they look awesome. You can get them in both […]

Secretlab Partners With T1 For A Special Edition Gaming Chair

Secretlab Partners With T1 For A Special Edition Gaming Chair

Secretlab has formed a new partnership, this time with League Of Legends esports team T1 to release their own special edition gaming chair. Being created in both the Titan and Omega series chairs, they sport the team logo with their colors. The chairs were designed to celebrate the team’s success over the years, as they […]

Secretlab Announces New Partnership With "CS:GO" Team Astralis

Secretlab Announces New Partnership With “CS:GO” Team Astralis

This week, Secretlab announced a brand new partnership with another esports team, this time partnering with CS:GO squad Astralis. The two have officially co-launched the Secretlab Astralis: Chair of Champions Edition gaming chair, which is based off their 2020 gaming seats. The chair features the Danish team’s logo on both the Omega and Titan versions […]

"CS:GO" StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Partners With Secretlab

“CS:GO” StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 Partners With Secretlab

The next big CS:GO tournament, StarLadder Major Berlin 2019, just got a big gaming partnership as Secretlab has joined on as the official gaming chair. As you might suspect from this partnership, whenever you look at the teams on stage, they’ll all be sitting in customized Secretlab chairs made specifically for that tournament. One of […]

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Review: Secretlab’s Titan 2020 Series Gaming Chair

A couple of months ago we visited with Secretlab in NYC to talk about their 2020 Series line of gaming chairs. Now, we’re reviewing one from the Titan line. We’ve received Titan chairs in the past and they’ve been killer quality that makes for a great gaming experience, but we only had a little bit […]

Secretlab Reveals a New Set of Game Of Thrones Gaming Chairs

Secretlab revealed a brand new set fo gaming chairs this week as the company showed off a new set of Game Of Thrones seats. These are the first officially licensed chairs by any company, with three different specific designs and color schemes for the houses of Targaryen, Lannister, and Stark. All of them crafted with […]

Warner Bros. and Secretlab Partner Up For Batman Gaming Chairs

Warner Bros. and Secretlab Partner Up For Batman Gaming Chairs

Warner Bros. has partnered up with Secretlabl to produce a special 80th Anniversary Dark Knight gaming chair dedicated to the one and only Batman. The company has made these special chairs with the Batman logo embroidered in them that look like something Bruce Wayne might install in the Batcave, or at the very least his […]

Review: Secretlab Omega SoftWeave Series

A short time ago we received a new version of the Secretlab chairs, this one being one of their SoftWeave series in the form of an Omega gaming chair. We’ve had the chance to review a few chairs from the company and they all turn out pretty awesome, with one or two things that could […]

League of Legends Gains Secretlab as a Global Partner

League of Legends make partnership deals all the time with different companies in different regions, but they just scored a new global esports one with Secretlab. The deal will basically have Secretlab gaming chairs on stage for the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) and the three premier global events with The Mid-Season Invitational, the […]

Secretlab Partners with OGN for 100-Seat Battle Royale Studio

This week, OGN and Secretlab announced that they have come together to show off the first 100-seat battle royale studio in North America. OGN has created studios like this before in South Korea to show off esports competitions for games like League of Legends and Overwatch, but now they’ve created the OGN Super Arena in California, stocked […]

Finding Comfort For Cheaper As We Check Out The “Titan” From Secretlab

A few weeks ago I got a rather surprising package in the mail: a brand new gaming chair. This one came our way from Secretlab, a Singaporean-owned company who has been branching out the past year with two specific models. Today we get to review one of those in their pro-gamer chair simply called the Titan. […]

Secretlab Launches A New Branch In The UK

Today, Secretlab announced plans to expand their business by setting up shop in the United Kingdom. Originally launched in 2015 in Singapore, the company has slowly been expanding through Asia and Austrailia as a primary gaming chair maker that several eSports league players picked up on in those areas. The company recently jumped across the […]