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Secret Weapons: Owen's Story #0 cover by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin

Secret Weapons Owen’s Story #0 Review: Homeless Superhero

Owen is adrift and in need of money. He’s setting up a yard sale made up of items he’s accidentally conjured in recent months. We are shown a recent instance in which he stumbled across a psychic and tarot reader, and she tries to help Owen attain some insight about his abilities. We are also […]

Secret Weapons #0 Review: Not Just for the Birds

It’s hard to get tired of superheroes, even when most of their powers boil down to the same thing. Flight, healing factors, super strength — all classic and useful abilities. No one can argue that there are certain things you’d want to do — such as mind-reading and, like, accidentally summoning soda — that you […]

‘Arrival’ Screenwriter Eric Heisserer Talks Comics And Developing A Series For AMC

Bleeding Cool’s Nick Kazden writes: As the SDCC festivities started to settle down on Friday night, Abraham Reisman, an entertainment journalist with Vulture, held a conversation with Eric Heisserer about his life and experience writing both movies and comics. Their talk was extremely entertaining and engaging, and Reisman’s solid interviewing skills were on full display throughout […]

Preview Secret Weapons #1, X-O Manowar #4, In Stores Next Week From Valiant

Next week, Secret Weapons #1 will be in stores from Valiant Entertainment, where anybody can read it. Those Weapons won’t be so Secret then, will they? Figuring the cat will be out of the bag anyway, Valiant has given up and released a preview for the book: SECRET WEAPONS #1 (of 4) Written by ERIC […]

Valiant Drops Animated Trailer For Secret Weapons #1

Valiant has released an animated trailer for their upcoming series Secret Weapons. This is the new series by Academy Award Nominee Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and artist Raul Allen (Wrath of the Eternal Warrior) and tells the story of a handful of Psiots from the Harbinger program whose powers were deemed to insignificant to be of […]

Advanced Review – Secret Weapons, Turning Rejects Into Heroes

I got to read an advanced copy of Valiant’s new title Secret Weapons. The concept is basic but good and has been tried a few times with mixed results. A group of people with powers that seem mundane or useless, but when they are pulled together and guided by the right person, they become far more […]