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Today We Discover Why Lois Lane Did It (Superman #43 SPOILERS)

We learnt on Free Comic Book Day (okay, Bleeding Cool told you a little bit before that) that Lois Lane had outed Superman’s secret identity to the world. And he wasn’t happy. And while we have seen the impact of that across a number of Superman titles… …in the main Superman comic, we’ve still been living […]

Tomorrow’s Superman Still Won’t Tell You How He Lost His Secret Identity

@richjohnston @AdamDechanel Linear is overrated. :) — Gene Luen Yang (@geneluenyang) June 17, 2015 The current lead Superman story Truth has been told rather out of order. as the lead creative team of Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr get their act together. All the other titles have been showing us a Superman whose identity […]

The State Of Superman’s Secret Identity In Doomed And JLA, Today

There are some odd disparities in the Superman comic books right now. In the the main Supertitles, Superman has had his secret identity revealed as Clark Kent. But not in Justice League. Not In Bizarro and not, it seems, in Doomed. Because while in the main titles we have seen Clark Kent’s neigbourhood come out […]

When Scott Lobdell Foreshadowed The Outing Of Superman

From a review of Superman #26 by Scott Lobdell and Ken Lashley, a year-and-a-bit ago… Clark is dealing with the ramifications of Lois’ rapidly advanced mental capabilities. These abilities were explored in the recent “Psi-War” storyline, and include the revelation that they enabled her to peek into Clark’s mind and discover who he actually is. […]

Talking Comics – Archie Vs. Predator, Bloodshot Reborn, Runlovekill & More!

By Randy Young and Chris Hunter Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week’s upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and discuss their favorite storylines. Hosts Randy Young and Chris Hunter say: Thanks for pressing play! Folks, don’t forget that […]

Is Superman’s Secret Identity About To Go Wide?

The most recent issue of Superman let the cat out of the bag to Jimmy Olsen. You may have seen. And we got a new costume choice. Jimmy Olsen now knows the secret. Clark Kent is Superman. But I understand its not going to end there. Because, not only are we having a new costume […]

So Who Else Knows Tim Drake’s Secret Identity?

The most recent issue of Teen Titans #5 out this week may have some New 52’ers struggling for a little continuity fix. First that Tim Drake, Red Robin, with access to the Wayne billions, may consider it necessary to move in with another group for their dental plans. When a few months ago, he bought […]