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Exclusive Look: Sean Murphy’s Variant Cover For Lemire And Nguyen’s Descender #1

The 40 page first issue of the new Image series Descender arrives on March 4th, bringing together the powerhouse team of Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen, a match it feels like only Image could produce in their current fan-astonishing mashups. It’s a beautiful book that’s already getting rave advance reviews, and also an endearing and […]

Sean Gordon Murphy Sells Twice As Much In France As In The USA

Sean Gordon Murphy has been in France for Angouleme, and has returned with one thought clear and present in his mind…. PRJ in France does 2x the sales than in the US. Makes me want to learn the language and move here. Then publish 60 page GNs once a year. — Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) […]

North America Hits South France – More Looks At Angoulême 2015

So a few Americans went to France this week, for the world’s largest comic book art festival. Paris! Made it. @WesCraigComics @ScaleraMatteo @Sean_G_Murphy @fionastaples @benrankel and Brian Vaughn — Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) January 29, 2015 Though even the journey was full of surprises… Holy shit! Our plane has stairs! W @Sean_G_Murphy — Scott […]

The Bleed Episode 11: Reading Punk Rock Jesus With Sina Grace And Alex Wilson

By Joseph Kyle Schmidt The Bleed is a weekly book club by Bleeding Cool contributors Joseph Schmidt and Sam Morse. The group meets every Wednesday on Google Hangout to discuss news, the latest comics, creator interviews and the pick of the week. Sam rejoins us this week as the group reads the contemporary classic from Sean Gordon Murphy, Punk Rock […]

The Moral Maze: Commission And Be Damned

One of the industry’s best artists, Sean Gordon Murphy tweets; Got a colorist asking for hi-res files that he/she can color, then sell as prints while I get nothing. What is wrong w/ some people? — Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) September 16, 2014 Well at least they asked permission. Many never ask and do it […]

Chrononauts – A New Comic From Mark Millar And Sean Gordon Murphy? (UPDATE)

Mark Millar teased this last week. It wasn’t, obviously. Mark Millar cited a trip to London as delaying the it, promising the real announcement this week instead. But Bleeding Cool doesn’t want to keep you waiting any longer. We have, if nothing else, the name and creative team. Really, we have nothing else. The new […]

Bryan Hitch, Sean Gordon Murphy And Jae Lee For New Mark Millar Comics

From Mark Millar‘s Image Comics interview, talking about nine of ten new Millarworld titles planned over the next three years, he mentions three artists. Sean Gordon Murphy, Jae Lee, Bryan Hitch Well, we had identified one of them, albeit for the wrong project… But Millar was ambitious talking about how not only will these stories […]

Scott Snyder And Sean Gordon Murphy Temper Expectations For The First Black Robin

The power of twitter. Loose pencils of the first Black Robin! — Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) November 15, 2013 You can imagine what happened next… Thanks everyone for your excitement about the new character! Just to clarify, this isn’t an official new Robin–my story w/ @Ssnyder1835 … — Sean Gordon Murphy (@Sean_G_Murphy) November 15, […]

The Sean Gordon Murphy Apprentice Scheme Is…. Rather Popular

A couple of months ago, the fabulously talented writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy stated that he was considering an apprenticeship/internship scheme. He wrote; I’m thinking about taking on some students for a two week “boot camp” course in comics–based off the classic master/apprentice style of education. But before I move forward with the idea (and begin […]

Tuesday Runaround – Charles Soule Is Up To Something…

A private triptych Avengers commission by Sean Gordon Murphy. Charles Soule is up to something… an eighth book a month? Project I’ve been working on for a year or more was just greenlit. Amazing property – an honor to work on it. — Charles Soule (@CharlesSoule) August 6, 2013 Greg Ruth‘s book The Lost Boy is […]

Jason Schachter – Talking To The Dealer

Alex Wilson writes; I, like many people, collect original art from my favorite comic book artists. Recently I became aware of a series called Punk Rock Jesus (written and drawn by Sean Murphy) and from the first issue I wanted a page from that book. After reading the fifth issue I logged on to Sean […]

Review: Punk Rock Jesus #2

Louis Falcetti writes for Bleeding Cool; I’ll just come right out and say it, if Punk Rock Jesus really is only 6 issues, I’m going to be angrier than a New American Christian at a clone of Jesus’ island fortress. Sean Murphy who’s already produced gorgeous, genre bending work for creators like Grant Morrison (Joe […]

Sean Gordon Murphy On The ABC Of Dealing With Marvel’s Lawyers

Sean Gordon Murphy is one of the creators who, as a result of the Gary Friedrich situation, and even after Marvel’s response, has chosen to stop sketching Marvel characters at conventions. But he is also someone who has also found himself the subject of Marvel’s concerns. He writes on his deviantArt page, providing lots of […]

John Nee, Dan Slott, Rob Liefeld And Artists Alley

John Nee, who used to be a DC Comics Vice President after the Wildstorm buyout posted on Facebook, regarding the concern over the Gary Friedrich court decision. This saw the destitute co-creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich agree to pay $17,ooo to Marvel for the sale of signed Ghost Rider prints over several years. But […]

Sean Gordon Murphy’s Punk Rock Jesus

Sean Gordon Murphy of Joe The Barbarian fame is currentoy working on two projects for DC/Vertigo, an American Vampire miniseries set in World War II, written by Scott Snyder, and his own original graphic novel that he’s been working on for four years and that avoided the recent Vertigo OGN cull. Punk Rock Jesus. Murphy […]