Book Review: Ready Player One is a Love Letter to the ’80s

Ready Player One is a love letter to the ’80s, as writ by Ernest Cline. Behold: near every cultural product of the ’80s, referenced with care, as told by someone who grew up during that period. This, too, was a part of my childhood; but whereas I was a passive consumer of culture as a […]

Bonehead #1 Review: Dialogue-Heavy Sci-Fi

In a futuristic city, roaming gangs nicknamed “Boneheads” use specialized gear to circumvent the law and traverse the world all in the name of adrenaline and recognition. As war looms between the respective groups a potential hero rises. Can this mysterious man — known only by a code number — be the change the city […]

Altered Carbon

First Trailer for Netflix’s Blade Runner-esque Series Altered Carbon

  We’d heard that Netflix had been working on a series adaptation of Richard K. Morgan’s Altered Carbon, and now Christmas has come early with their release of a first-look trailer. Set in a very Blade Runner-eque future, every human has a “cortical stack” which records all of their thoughts, experiences, and the essence of […]

Director Ridley Scott talks about Prometheus at WonderCon 2012. Photo by Mary Anne Butler

Ridley Scott Moves Into TV, TNT Orders A “Block Of Science Fiction”

One of the most brilliant minds in science fiction genre filmmaking is going to build a block of television for TNT.  Sure, maybe his panache is different than it was 30+ years ago, but no one does space quite like Sir Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien). Scott has been tapped to develop a block of “original science […]