NASA Finds "Star Trek" Image On Mars, Your Move Lucasfilm

NASA Finds "Star Trek" Image On Mars – Your Move, Lucasfilm

Do you believe in coincidences? Before you answer… this week, super smart scientists at the University of Arizona working on the HiRISE (High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment) project announced a very pop-culture-relevant discovery. Their HiRISE camera (part of the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) took a picture of "dune casts" on the surface of Mars that look […]

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Talks 'Cosmos' Season 2 and More at SDCC

Five years ago during San Diego Comic-Con, there was a pressroom for the yet-to-be-released revamp of Cosmos, and I was one of the 4 people who attended the pressroom.  It had been scheduled up against Supernatural or some such show, and it was so disappointing to see so few members of the press interested in speaking with […]

Fox Unveils 2018-2019 Trailers: Last Man Standing, The Cool Kids, Rel, and More

As part of Monday's upfront presentations to Madison Avenue ad executives, Fox released a number of first trailers for its upcoming fall programming as part of the release of its 2018-2019 schedule, Variety reports. Comedies The Cool Kids, Rel, and the returning Last Man Standing will debut in fall 2018; while dramas The Passage and Proven Innocent […]

NASA Launching 2 New Tiny Satellites Named Wall-E and Eva

Be still my little nerd heart- those wonderful madpersons over at NASA have once again proven their multi-dimensional nerdiness by naming two new small satellites after a pair of perfect Pixar characters, Wall-E and Eva. The two cubesats (small, suitcase-sized satellites) are on a mission to report on Mars- and they're hitching a ride aboard […]

Stephen Hawking in Cambridge by Doug Wheller

Legendary Physicist Stephen Hawking Dies at 76

The world has lost one of its greatest minds today as theoretical physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking passed away at the age of 76 in Cambridge. His achievements in the realm of physics are countless, chief among them discovering that black holes, previously thought to only suck in energy and matter, actually emitted a form of radiation. That radiation […]

Antonio Damasio The Strange Order of Things, Hardcover

Book Review: Antonio Damasio's 'The Strange Order of Things', an Anthropological Journey

The Strange Order of Things by Antonio Damasio is a scientific work about feelings, and the part they have played in biology and culture. The often ignored connection between emotion and society, and our very lives, is finally given a spotlight. Starting from the cell, and an innate seeking to continue and endure, Damasio explains and supports […]

SpaceX Is Less Than 15 Minutes From Launching Falcon Heavy

If you recall, Elon Musk announced that on this particular launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket would contain his personal Tesla which will be blasting David Bowie's "Life On Mars". We're anxiously awaiting the launch, which is counting down now.  You can watch the livestream on SpaceX's website, twitter, and facebook page. Falcon Heavy test flight webcast […]

Elon Musk

Tesla's Elon Musk Wants to Send One of His Sportsters to Mars – Next Month

Tesla and SpaceX CEO and modern-age Steve Jobs, Elon Musk has announced what he's going to be sending into space next month as part of the launch of the Falcon Heavy from Cape Canaveral's legendary Apollo 11 launch pad – 39A. Tonight he first teased that the launch would be exciting, "one way or another." […]

Geek Fashion Takes To The Stars With New Swimwear Line That Also Gives To STEM

Move over Her Universe, Black Milk, and Poprageous there's a new player in town in the geek fashion world, and that's Celestial Body Swimwear. Created by actress/producer Rileah Vanderbilt along with costumer Jes Reaves, the lines have a distinctly space-y bent to them. While the bulk of current geek fashion is inspired by fictional elements, Vanderbilt […]

Star Talk Radio Puts An Eye To Humanity's Future At NYCC

Amanda Gurall writes… Space geeks lost their minds (politely) today at a panel with some of the stars of Star Talk Radio. Unfortunately Neil deGrasse Tyson was not able to join the group, but we were treated to a great time with some brilliant people. The panel was recorded both audio and video as part […]

Theory Of Everything Featurette Teaches Us Something

Stephen Hawking is one of the smartest people in the world and most of us know who he is and have seen him on television or come across him as a pop culture reference. Now with the film Theory Of Everything, we are getting a better look at what the man has gone through. But […]

Tesla's Ashes, From Museum To Church

It is reported that the ashes of scientist maverick and genius Nikolai Tesla (pictured above) are to be moved from the Tesla museum in Belgrade, Serbia, where they have been kept since 1957. His remains will now be kept at St Sava's Temple, with a monument to honour the man, alongside The agreement was made […]