Marc Mason Talks Schism And Battery From Actionopolis

I got a chance to sit down with writer Marc Mason while at my booth at the Phoenix Comic Con last weekend. Marc has written some Red Sonja comics for Dynamite, but in the video we were talking about his two young adult novels Schism and Battery for Actionopolis. Also, if you look in the […]

The Magic Hand Of Cyclops In X-Men Schism #5 (UPDATE)

*** POTENTIAL SPOILERS FOR X-MEN SCHISM #5*** Before X-Men Schism #4 had shipped, we’d already seen the beginning of X-Men Schism #5 in previews, and the knock down fight between Wolverine and Cyclops as they were being attacked by a Sentinel. And of Wolverine popping his claws through Cyclops’ right hand as he tries to […]

A Handy Guide To Reading Generation Hope And X-Men Schism Today

So you’ve left your comic store with your X-Men Schism and Generation Hope. And you know what happened last month, what with reading the comics in the correct order. So what happens this month? What you need is a handy dandy page reading guide. Okay, here you go… Pick up X-Men: Schism #4. Read the […]

X-Man On X-Man Action In Schism 5 Preview

Here’s a preview of X-Men: Schism #5. Cyclops and Wolverine going at it like hammer and tongs. And they’re even using toys for added excitement. A bit of unstoppable force vs immovable object there. Optic blast on adamantium skull at close range. I play this game with my kids. “I’ve got you and you can’t […]

And Havok Makes The Set – X-Factor On X-Men Gold Team

Looks like we have brither-at-arms, Alex Summers will be joining Wolverine, philosophically, and taking X-Factor with him on the “gold” side, as Scott Summers and his crew are defined by the “blue” half of the X-Men Schism/Regenesis thingy. This has to be the final part of the “quadriptych” doesn’t it?

The Nature Of X-Men Schism, With Generation Hope (SPOILERS)

X-Men Schism #3 by Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuña, and Generation Hope #10 by Kieron Gillen and Tim Seeley are published today. Now, there will be spoilers. I’m sorry but that’s the way things are. But before you close your eyes, running towards your X-Men comics, going “la la la la la”, I’d like to […]

The Return To The X-Men, Blue And Gold

The X-Men Regenesis teasers being issued by Marvel Comics seem to be falling into two camps. Those with Blue logos and those with yellow. Each colour seem to be setting up a common background as well, with images slotting together. Is Schism bringing  the return to the Blue and Gold teams of the nineties? And […]

The Nature Of X-Men Schism And A Look At #2 And #3

X-Men: Schism #1  by Jason Aaron and Carlos Pacheco, is released today. We’ve been covering Schism since we first learned of it in February, and the Israel comparison is one we’ve been talking about. Cyclops sets down his take on things pretty clearly in issue 1, with Storm arguing the other case. Basically Cyclops is […]

Uncanny X-Men To Split Into Two Books In X-Men: Regenesis

Respectfully we informed you of this at an earlier  juncture. Uncanny X-Men, which was reported as being cancelled with issue 544 in November, will be replaced by a new book. Uncanny X-Men #1, also shipping in November. Which is possibly the shortest cancellation in existence. It will be accompanied by Wolverine & The X-Men in […]

X-Men Schism: Respectfully We Informed You Of This Event At An Earlier Juncture… Ish

From February 9th, 2011 I’m told the members of the X-Men are planned  split into two very distinct teams and books, each with a different moral outlook, aligning along the traditional Xavier/Magneto divide. Scott Summers, Cyclops, will lead the Xavier-minded team, while the Magneto-motivated will be led by… Wolverine! Jason Aaron will be writing a […]