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Rick and Morty Gets 2 New Vynl Sets from Funko

Funko has been spoiling Rick and Morty fans. There are so many different figures out now that it has to be tough to keep up with. Well, collectors, here are two more sets for you to track down. Two new Vynl two-packs will be in stores this coming month. The first features Seal Team Rick […]

Rick and Morty Fans: Save Your Schmeckles For These New Funko Products

Rick and Morty collectors- I am sorry. Funko has announced a ton of new Rick and Morty products for release in the next couple months. Mystery Minis, plush, pens, action figures…just so much stuff. One plus-there is a ton of Scary Terry, so yay for that. Lets just dive right in. First up is a […]