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IDW Doubles Down On Reason For Controversial GI Joe Cancellation

IDW has responded to the premature cancellation of Scarlett’s Strike Force, the upcoming GI Joe comic by Aubrey Sitterson and Nelson Daniel, but not in an official statement to a news outlet. The publisher has responded to at least one reader who emailed the company to express disappointment in IDW for cancelling the book before […]

Scarlett's Strike Force #1

IDW Cancels Female-Focused GI Joe Comic Before The Orders Are In

There’s still more than a week before the December 5th final order cutoff for retailers to order Scarlett’s Strike Force, the new GI Joe series launching out of IDW’s First Strike super-mega-crossover event. But before all the orders are in for the first issue, set to hit stores on December 20th, the book has already […]

GI Joe Relaunched As Scarlett’s Strike Force By Aubrey Sitterson And Nelson Daniel At IDW

Scarlett’s Strike Force will follow IDW’s First Strike Hasbro super-mega-crossover event. GI Joe is getting a relaunch… again! But fear not, Joe fans; IDW is smartly leaving the one true GI Joe series, Larry Hama’s GI Joe: Real American Hero, alone. We’re talking about the new GI Joe series that Aubrey Sitterson and Giannis Milonogiannis launched […]