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Speculator Corner: Will Last Avengers Story #2 Beat Spider-Girl #59?

Speculator Corner: Will Last Avengers Story #2 Beat Spider-Girl #59?

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool revealed a plot twist to the JJ Abrams/Henry Abrams/Sara Pichelli series Spider-Man #1. On the back of this, Spider-Girl #59, which featured the first appearance of an earlier son-of-Peter-Parker-and-Mary-Jane-Watson, Ben Parker, has rocketed on eBay  with copies selling for up to $65, with lots of copies sold in the $40 […]

J.J. Abrams' Kid's Spider-Man Comic Gets a Trailer

J.J. Abrams’ Kid’s Spider-Man Comic Gets a Trailer

Marvel has released a trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man comic by J.J. Abrams, J.J. Abrams’ kid, and Sara Pichelli. The comic, which pits the wall-crawler against a new villain called Cadaverous and will also be Abrams’ kid’s first-ever comic book. It will also feature the return of the die-cut cover, Bleeding Cool reported earlier this […]

Avengers #7 cover by Geoff Shaw and Jason Keith

The Avengers #7 Review: Riding the Flaming Woolly Mammoth

Long ago, there was a cave boy who lived with a pack of his kind. However, he was the only one in his pack that could speak or think clearly. One day, a large man with white hair arrived and carved his way to the top of the pack. He could think and speak clearly […]

Fantastic Four #1 cover by Esad Ribic

Fantastic Four #1 Review: Return of the World’s Greatest Comic Magazine

The Thing enjoys a day out with Alicia Masters, and the Human Torch attends a Mets game with Wyatt Wingfoot. Their days are interrupted when the Fantastic Four signal lights up New York. The Human Torch races to where the signal was shot from, assuming Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, and their kids are finally back. […]

Advance Review: Fantastic Four #1 – Managed Expectations [Spoilers]

Look what popped through the letterbox courtesy of Federal Express about an hour ago… Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott, Sara Pichelli, and Marte Gracia — with a letter asking me to talk about it. Okay. First, there are spoilers here. Some spoilers, limited spoilers, what I see as managed expectations. Just as people going into Batman […]

Fantastic Four #1 preview

Fantastic Four #1 Has Orders of Over Fantastic 400,000

We mentioned that the title was riding high in the Advance Orders this week. Well, at the Diamond Retailer Appreciation Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel announced that they had hit over 400,000 orders for Fantastic Four #1 by Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli. Which should keep Ike Perlmutter happy. Or grumbling slightly less…   […]

Spider-Man #240 cover by David Marquez and Justin Ponsor

Spider-Man #240 Review: Another Heartwarming Bendis Farewell

Spider-Man awakens in a hospital bed having lost time and feeling unwell. His mom informs him that he’s been unconscious for days. Dr. Claire Temple arrives to tell him that he has a viral infection, and his spider-powers make it more difficult to treat him properly. As we are given flashbacks to the conflict atop […]

Fantastic Four comics returning 2018

Fantastic Four Returns this Summer from Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli

In a special announcement on Twitter, Marvel announced that the Fantastic Four is returning to Marvel in a monthly ongoing series, featuring the return of Reed and Sue Richards and starring the original team of Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny, launching in August. The creative team will be Dan Slott and Sara Pichelli. A special announcement […]


The Controversial Fate of Miles Morales in Spider-Men II Revealed

Spider-Men II #5 by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli, Mark Bagley, Elisabetta D’Amico, John Dell, Justin Ponsor, and Cory Petit is the final issue of the crossover series with the two Spider-Men now living in the 616 Universe (or whatever it is Marvel wants to call it now), Peter Parker and Miles Morales. As one of […]

C.B. Cebulski, Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics

SCOOP: C.B. Cebulski Is The New Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics

According to well-placed industry sources who have spoken to Bleeding Cool, C.B. Cebulski has just been made the new Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics. Regular readers of Bleeding Cool will know C.B. Cebulski well. Working for Marvel Comics since the early noughties, he was best known as the Talent Liason — the Marvel manager who would travel […]

Marvel Ch-Ch-Changes – Sara Pichelli Off Spider-Man #6

A few more changes ‘twixt solicitation and publication… Spider-Man #6 will no longer be drawn by Sara Pichelli but by Nico Leon. Still doing the cover. Guardians Of Infinity #7 will be drawn by Gerardo Sandoval, as well as the previously solicited Carlos Barberi. Squadron Supreme #9 will no longer be drawn by ACO but by Alex Cal and Leonardo […]

Next Week… I’ll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?

It’s my gaff. My manor. My part of the world. The London Super Comic Con, the largest comic convention in the UK that’s dedicated to comic books, is happening next weekend at the ExCel Centre. Bob Layton once told me that he earned more money at that show than any other. It’s where the wallets […]

Miles Morales, The Post-Secret Wars Spider-Man

well, this broke a little early so… — BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (@BRIANMBENDIS) June 21, 2015 I wake up to the news, as given by Marvel PR to the New York Daily News that, post-Secret Wars, Marvel is to publish a new series starring Miles Morales, by Brian Bendis and Sara Pichelli, called Spider-Man. Not Ultimate, […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Secret Wars Journal #3 And Uncanny X-Men #600

A couple of changes between solicitation and publication… Secret Wars Journal #3 is being drawn by Jonathan Marks and an as-yet-confirmed artist rather than the solicited Richard Isanove and RB Silva. The five-month-delayed Uncanny X-Men #600 will see Sara Pichelli join the already solicited roster of artists Chris Bachalo, Stuart Immonen, Mahmud Asrar, Kris Anka, Frazer Irving.

NYCC 2014: Writing And Penciling: Storytelling

Christine Marie Vinciquarra writes for Bleeding Cool: I arrived at the Writing and Penciling: Storytelling panel a half hour before it began, and to my surprise, it was already filled to the brim with aspiring writers/artists. Energetic host, Buddy Scalera started his introductions fifteen minutes before the scheduled start time which caused a bit of […]

Ch-Ch-Changes – Marvel And DC Comics In October, From Action Comics To All-New Miracleman

Another look at upcoming comics, that might differ from how they were originally solicited… Justice League #34 will be drawn by Scott Kolins, not Doug Mahnke and Keith Champagne. It also has the cover above by Jason Fabok, originally intended for his first issue #26. Superman/Batman #16 will be drawn by Marc Deering and Diogenes Neves and not Jae Lee. Though […]