Sanctum Sanctorum

Avengers: Infinity War LEGO Sets Officially Revealed Ahead of Toy Fair

Avengers: Infinity War LEGO sets have been revealed a couple days before this weekends New York Toy Fair. Six sets are coming, all this march, although some of them have started popping up at some Target stores the last couple of days. The sets range in size, all contain lots of mini-figs (get ready to […]

The Russo Brothers Share Sanctum Sanctorum Photo With Surprise Guest

The Russo Brothers shared a new photo from the set of Avengers: Infinity War. The set has a book laden table in the center in a room of dark wood walls and gives off the Sanctum Sanctorum vibe. I don’t think the white exhaust tube running through the set will be part of the film. […]

Russia Gets To See The Doctor Early And A New Image

Russia is getting Doctor Strange a bit earlier than we are here in the US. The film’s released date was moved up to October 28th, the second change for the film recently with the UK date being moved up to October 24th. The US is still getting the film on November 4th. The change was […]

You Can Help Make A Doctor Strange Lego Set A Reality

Did you know there is a website where people floats out ideas for Lego sets and if they get enough backers, 10,000, then Lego takes a serious look at them? I had no idea until recently. Now up on the site is one of the coolest sets focusing on the Master Of The Mystic Arts, […]