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“Richard Jewell” Shows Nightmare of “Guilty Until Proven Innocent”

"Richard Jewell" Shows the Nightmare of "Guilty Until Proven Innocent"

Warner Bros. released the latest trailer for Richard Jewell, the biopic about the security guard who discovered a bomb in a discarded backpack at Olympic Park during the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. Originally called a hero, federal investigators later branded him a suspect, which created a firestorm of scrutiny from the FBI to his depiction […]

“Ad Astra” is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]

"Ad Astra" is the Ultimate Sad Astronaut Movie [Review]

Do we get one big Astronaut movie from Hollywood every year now? It's starting to feel that way. Ad Astra is the latest major studio movie about the perils of going into outer space. It's a big serious movie that's as much a character study as it is a space thriller about saving the world. […]

FX Releases Trailer for Episode 2 of 'Fosse/Verdon'

If you are a theater/dance aficionado, you should REALLY be watching FX's Fosse/Verdon. The masterful take on the legendary partnership of choreographer, director, artist Bob Fosse and his ultimate muse Gwen Verdon (who FINALLY gets her due credit in this series) is simply wonderful. Oscar winner Sam Rockwell plays Fosse, and by the first scene, we were completely sold […]

FX Releases Full Trailer for 'Fosse/Verdon' Limited Series

FX has FINALLY released a full-length trailer for their upcoming limited series Fosse/Verdon about the legendary choreographer Bob Fosse and his muse/wife, Gwen Verdon. The pair will be played in the series by Oscar-winner Sam Rockwell and multi Oscar-nominee Michelle Williams. The miniseries will explore the onstage and offstage relationship between the two; the partnership highs and lows included […]

Brand New Teaser for FX Series 'Fosse/Verdon' Hits During Oscars

During tonight's 91st Annual Academy Awards, a new teaser trailer was shown for the upcoming FX Networks drama limited series Fosse/Verdon. Starring Oscar winner Sam Rockwell as the legendary Bob Fosse, and 4-time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams as Gwen Verdon, the miniseries will explore the onstage and offstage relationship between the two, which through highs and […]

FX Greenlights 'Fosse/Verdon' With Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sam Rockwell, Michelle Williams

FX has just greenlit a new series called Fosse/Verdon based on Sam Wasson's Bob Fosse biography. This alone is exciting, considering how deep into the dance genre and culture of performance art they've been going lately with Pose (which got picked up for a second season). The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Lin-Manuel Miranda is re-teaming with "Hamilton" and […]

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Taika Waititi World War II Film 'Jojo Rabbit' Gains Sam Rockwell

Oscar-winning actor Sam Rockwell will be joining Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi's upcoming World War II satirical farce film, Jojo Rabbit. We know, that's a lot to take in from a single sentence. The FOX Searchlight film will center on a young boy named Jojo, who really wants to be part of the Hitler Youth and whose imaginary friend is […]

The 24th Annual SAG Awards 2018 Winners' List

The 24th Annual SAG Awards to celebrate the best of members from the Screen Actors Guild were held tonight, and the list of winners had some pretty exciting firsts. Some notable firsts tonight included the first time the SAG Awards had a host (Kristen Bell), and the first time all of the presenters were women. […]


The Weekly Static s01e23: Watchmen, Rockwell, Doherty and More!

Welcome back! It's The Weekly Static, so that's what you call us. That or – uh – "His Weekness", or – uh – "Weeker," or "El Weekerino," if you're not into the whole brevity thing. But first? I need you to look me in the eye and put your hands on top of the table […]

Sam Rockwell Drops F-Bomb on SNL: Nation Mourns, Vows to Rebuild

Well, right off the bat there are two things we either learned or confirmed about actor Sam Rockwell (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) last night: he really seems to care about science, and he really likes to throws himself into the characters he plays… much to the chagrin of NBC censors. Saturday Night Live kicked […]

SNL: Cut James Franco Short Is A Nightmare of Holiday Cheer

The holiday season is a time for friends, family… and an avalanche of third-rate holiday movies that put the "guilty" in "guilty pleasure." So leave it to Saturday Night Live to remind us all to save some room at the dinner table for some old friends: the big-city career woman (Kate McKinnon) who finds love […]

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Review: The Dark Comedy We Need Right Now

There is a speech delivered about 20 minutes into Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri by Frances McDormand that perfectly encapsulates the tone and surprisingly funny nature of the film. A priest visits her home to try and persuade her to take down her damning billboards, and she gives maybe the most epic takedown of organized […]

'R' Is For Renewed: Netflix Sets 'F Is for Family' Season 3

Looks like we'll be spending a little more time getting to know The Murphys as Netflix has renewed their animated comedy series F Is For Family for a third season. The series was created by Michael Price (The Simpsons) and Bill Burr (Breaking Bad), who tweeted the news of the renewal on Wednesday saying, "Really happy to […]

Bill Burr Swears His Way Through the 1970s In New NSFW F Is For Family Trailer

Netflix has released a new uncensored trailer for Bill Burr's animated series, F is For Family. Burr voices the father of the Murphy family as he swears his way through the 1970s and changing attitudes. The series also features the voices of Laura Dern, Justin Long and Sam Rockwell. [youtube][/youtube] F is For Family debuts […]

"We Just Want Our Daughter Back." – 2nd Trailer For Poltergeist Reboot

20th Century Fox has released a second trailer for the upcoming reboot of Poltergeist by Sam Raimi and Gil Kenan. Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi ("Spiderman," "Evil Dead", "The Grudge") and director Gil Kenan ("Monster House") contemporize the classic tale about a family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces. When the terrifying apparitions escalate […]

First TV Spot Revealed For Poltergeist Reboot

20th Century Fox has released the first TV spot / trailer for their upcoming reboot of Poltergeist. The classic horror movie is being redone by Sam Raimi as the producer and Gil Kenan as director with a cast of Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris and Jane Adams. The film is about a family whose suburban home is haunted by […]

Poltergeist Remake Gets Creepy Teaser And Trailer

Teasers for trailers are all the rage now… and here we get one for Fox's remake of the horror classic Poltergeist. And for only being 18 seconds… it pulls off the creepy. Legendary filmmaker Sam Raimi ("Spiderman," "Evil Dead", "The Grudge") and director Gil Kenan ("Monster House") contemporize the classic tale about a family whose […]

Seven Things About The Trailer for Seven Psychopaths

Alasdair Stuart writes for Bleeding Cool Colin Farrell is one of the best comic actors of the last twenty years and I'm not talking about his role as Bullseye. He's got a rare ability for deadpan and even more more so for full on crazy and both of those were put on show in Martin […]