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Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition

The Complete Bleeding Cool Top 100 Power List of Comics 2019, in Full

Here you go folks, in full, the Top 100 Power List of Comics, 2019 Edition. Every year, Bleeding Cool runs its Top 100 Power List of members of the English-speaking comic book industry, weighted towards the direct market. It is judged by all manner of attributes, the ability to influence what comics exist and sell, […]

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #3 cover by Pablo Fernandez Angulo

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #3 Review – Too Narrow a Focus?

Arkon meets Wolf Knight Artorias in Oolacile, and the Wolf Knight doesn't recognize Arkon. They duel, but Artorias discerns the Black Knight's identity before it is too late. Dark days have come to Lordran. Undead are spreading across the kingdom, Seath the Scaleless is taking advantage of the crisis, and Lord Gwyn has come down […]

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 cover by Fernandez Angulo

Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 Review – The Meaning of Flames

Dragon Knight Gravis and Executioner Wurdow face opposition on the way to New Londo. Silver Knight Arkon and his regiment are assailed by demons and metal manipulation in Izalith. Channeler Liste must report these new happenings to the short-tempered and ambitious dragon, Duke Seath the Scaleless. Dark Souls: Age of Fire #2 kicks off with […]

"Evil Within: Interlude #1" Review: Fun Psychological Horror

I've not played Evil Within. I guess I should go ahead and throw that one out there as a disclaimer. While I do enjoy horror fare, Bloodborne, Amnesia, Outlast, and Resident Evil being among my preferred horror videogame choices, Evil Within was outside of my purview and purchases when it came out in 2014. It […]

Twisted Dark Could Be Heading For TV And You Can Get Involved

By Olly MacNamee Having met the guys at TPub and followed their rise and rise with avid interest over the last year or so, it doesn't surprise me, given the drive and energy I have witnessed first hand from Neil Gibson, Will O'Mullane, Ryan O'Sullivan and company at comic cons, that Gibson's Twisted Dark, the […]